Dr. Jha: If You’re Vaccinated, You Should Not Be ‘Excessively Worried’ 1

Dr. Jha: If You’re Vaccinated, You Should Not Be ‘Excessively Worried’


What is a breakthrough infection like for vaccinated folks? Should vaccinated people mask up? Should we be worried about our unvaccinated children? Dr. Ashish Jha answers the most burning Covid questions.
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  1. I am in assisted living and I was one of the first to get vaccinated with South County Fire Department coming to do the job. I thanked them for putting out the fires and they all had battle flashbacks.

    1. @They’re Distorting Your Rhythm 128
      Hey vasilly stepanov
      Shill isn’t a word Americans use chenkov skabeeva
      Come on little princess yuri
      Get updated on American terminology
      Lmaoooooo 😂🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  2. i was working on a project next to a big hospital today, most of the staff i saw walking around outside were still wearing a mask. so, even though fully shot, if they are still , i sure will indoors with other people.

    1. @Draega 007 Do not get the vaccine. I know it must be painful when people ask you to get it. You OK? I hope the ones trying to stop the spread and death were not too mean to you. You will feel better when you catch covid. That will show them libs!

    2. @Jim River I had covid last year in February. Which is why I’m not getting the vaccine and not worried. But the only one’s worried are the people like you who already got the vaccine.

    3. @Draega 007 Cool! I am sure your immune system is able to fight off anything. No worries, do not get the vaccine. The vaccinated are just watching the science play out.

    4. @Jim River cool, let’s see how the vaccinated feel in the next year or so. Also make sure to get those booster shots that they want you to get here soon.

  3. In the UK so far, more than 46 million people have had a first vaccine dose – nearly 90% of the adult population – and more than 36 million – about 70% of adults – have had both doses.
    The UK is the ONLY country with over 40 million people with at least 70% of all adults vaccinated.

    1. I noticed the qualification, as Israel had a greater percentage of her people vaccinated, sooner.

    1. @Bryan wow
      The sheep comment never gets old to u guys.
      You have no idea why this person chooses to wear a mask .
      They may have serious underlying health conditions, yet you just judge calling them sheep.
      Proud of yourself, for being so insensitive?

    2. @toby friend I’m sure they are. They’re probably as unaware of the hate they put out in the world as libs who talk about darwinism

  4. What about breakthrough infection for high risk folks though? My daughter and mother are extremely high risk for COVID-19 complications. We are all three fully vaccinated.

    1. 20% of the new COVID cases in L.A. are breakthrough cases. However there is very little increase in the hospitalization rate for this sector meaning that it’s not a life-threatening case and they’re at home.

    2. @Gary LeBlanc lmao did u pay attention to dec of last yr? they sent people home, lmao no beds no nurse no doctors no ambulance!

  5. Hey Dr. Jha, in the first week of February 2020 I went to see my doctor. It was my third week of 101 plus temperatures and the doctor told me that the only way that I could have gotten covid at that time because of what we knew was if somebody was standing directly in front of me and coughed in my mouth.

    Then I wanted to get antibody test but they told me that they weren’t conclusive there are too many false positives.

    I know what I had, they’ve seen it now. Physical therapy with muscular neuropathy but they didn’t know if that was due to covid or the lack of exercise from staying home due to covid as I was a very active person beforehand.

    I’m dealing with long-term covid, some days it’s brain fog, some days I’m sorry it’s getting tired every few hours and needing to nap.

    I’m happy that I’ve gotten better use of my hands again.

    But there’s nothing funny about this virus doc. Poor choice of words IMHO. Or as we say in the regular blue collar world of dudes, bad form!

  6. He always says thanx for having me on. Like he has anything else to do with his time. He begs to get on tv.

  7. I’m happy people feel good about their vaccine. Now please stop telling me to take it. I am of no threat to you since you took the shot right? I have a medical exemption but that shouldn’t even be necessary.

  8. so just like the widespread fraud, you shouldn’t be ‘excessively’ worried. you should be worried, just not excessively.

  9. Why show UK numbers? Why didn’t you show the death rate for the US? I sense deception! Could it be the numbers in the US is also as low? But that doesn’t fit the narrative does it…

  10. The fact that they have to keep reminding people this proves there is something majorly wrong and you should be worried.

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