Dr. Jha: 'Need A National Coordinated Strategy' To Bring Virus Under Control | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Dr. Jha: ‘Need A National Coordinated Strategy’ To Bring Virus Under Control | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Director of Harvard Global Health Institute, Dr. Ashish Jha discusses the surge in COVID-19 cases, says the strategy of “states, everybody just sorting this out on their own is not going to work” in the long-run. Aired on 6/30/2020.
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Dr. Jha: 'Need A National Coordinated Strategy' To Bring Virus Under Control | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Sorry, you are already too late. Covid is going to roll along until there is a vaccine. Welcome to the new normal.

  1. I mean, it should be clear we’re not getting a national strategy from that WH. Look at Mike Pounce & DJT aka Eric Cartman. The states will have to all get together & figure it out themselves. We will all need go into lockdown mode to get it under control. Unfortunately we don’t have a president to help us.

    1. Yes. There needs to be a federal strategy for now to get all parts of the US under control. It’s crazy. Each state has their own protocols for the virus and it’s chaos.

    1. I don’t know if he would have made it to any military duty. Bone Spurs were pretty prevalent in his day.

    2. If Trump was in the military he would be sacrificed to the Afghanistans for the US troop bounty.

  2. 🤷🏼‍♀️nah, need to replace Russian republican party & their putin puppet with actual Americans

  3. It took t’rump all of 5 days to issue an executive order about confederate statutes.
    Yet 125,000 dead Americans later, he has yet to come up with an effective national strategy.
    Priorities! 👎

  4. If course we have had border screenings of travel between states and even between item shipped from state to state. Do you think you can take any plant or agricultural product you want to California or other agricultural states? I’ve driven cross county numerous times and have learned to ditch the fresh fruit etc or if I forgot, there was a border person to remind me. Also, if you do any buying of plants for your garden from catalogs you know that some cannot be shipped into many states. We protect crops from unwanted produce and possible infestation but not PEOPLE??

  5. If we had listened to the medical and science professionals, we would have been past this. But since so many people believe the word of a reality television Clown, here we are.

    1. Trump stopped travel from china. Pelosi said he’s racist come hug a Chinese in Chinatown. Remember?

  6. Hawaii is the only state where that does and will work. For weeks now they have been arresting those who don’t quarantine and flying them back to the mainland. But islands are the only places that work well that way, from the tiny Faeroe Islands to great big Australia. Too bad we don’t have an American president.

  7. 😷 *To mask, or not to mask?* ❓
    “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” -JFK
    If you love your country, and consider yourself a patriot, then you should be wearing a mask to protect the people of the country you love so much.💜 🇺🇲

    😷 = “I care about you, because you are important, and I want to protect my fellow Americans!”

    Please engage in social distancing, and when you can’t, please wear a mask. This virus is unusual, in that it’s easily spread by asymptomatic carriers; so although you feel just fine, you’re still unknowingly, and unintentionally, infecting the people you encounter. Thankfully, you can avoid that, by just wearing a mask. Saving lives has never been so dang easy!

    Now, we’re not asking you to wear a mask all day; just when you’re around people you don’t live with. And we’re not asking you to wear a mask forever; just until we get some control over the virus, which will happen much sooner, if more of us wear masks.

    My mask protects you; yours protects me…..
    🎶 “That’s f*ckin’ teamwork!” – Tenacious D 🎶

    *If you want to thank a nurse or a doctor, wearing a mask is all the thanks we need! Please help us save lives. Thanks y’all! ✌️💜🇺🇲😷 Stay safe and be well…

  8. United we stand and if divided we will drop like flies. LOVE each other and actually care for one another.#NOEXCUSES

  9. This Doctor is the voice of reason in stating we need a “national coordinated strategy”. If that was done back in late February/beginning of March we would not be in this mess. Everything that is currently happening in the USA right now regarding the Covid19 pandemic is 100% because of the incompetency of Donald Trump and his administration… and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. He is a vile, despicable human being on every level and a complete failure as President. Trump and his administration abandoned the people of this country and basically said GOOD LUCK EVERYONE BUT DON’T COME LOOKING TO US FOR HELP OR GUIDANCE BECAUSE WE’RE NOT GIVING YOU ANY!! The virus is spiking in leaps and bounds all across the country, tens of thousands of Americans have died since March and forty million have lost their jobs. Instead of getting a plan together and getting this virus under control this MORON is still trying to convince us everything is “fine” while encouraging people to gather for his rallies. He belittles people who are doing the right thing by wearing masks and makes racist jokes calling it ” Kung-Flu”. His insane rhetoric makes a mockery of the pain, fear and anguish that is gripping us and exposes him for the psychotic POS he is. Sadly, the greatest country in the world has fallen on times darker than I could have imagined in my worst nightmare. I just pray he is voted out in November and fades into oblivion where he belongs so this country can get back on track and get the leadership that is so desperately needed.

  10. Hello everyone, there’s a new comet called neowise, that may be visible to the naked eye sometime in July. Keep looking up at the sky

  11. In other words shut the economy down so that everyone becomes dependent upon the government for food. Yeah right that’s not going to fly

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