Dr. Jha: Protesters Should Get Tested For COVID-19 Before and After Protests | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. I totally agree, get tested. But let’s face it, the Protests Trump encouraged risked the same exposure, the difference is BLM aren’t protesting to go to the Barber, they are protesting for lives lost over the color of skin.

  2. Remember when t’rump said “everybody who wants a test can get a test?”
    Let me know when that’s true so I can get a test.

    1. @chipmunktubetop Well, t’rump did say once that he was going to run this country like he ran his business. Straight into the ground. 🙄

    2. @Ro G Like all of his other businesses. He also recently (out loud, into a hot mike) said that if everyone could vote, that there would never be another repub president again! They aren’t even pretending not to supress voters of low income and POC. Heads should be on sticks.

  3. It’s terrible that we cannot hug one another, with out fear with this virus floating around. American’s are Uniting, God Bless America, and the World..

  4. Should — but tests haven’t been available to everyone who needs them. While the president and his cronies can get tested daily other Americans don’t have that privilege.

  5. Cannot get testing for covid19. Cannot get PPE. Buy we can get lots of rubber bullets and pepper spray and tear gas for the police. What is going on with our values, USA???

  6. Too late. They pushed this thing and wanted all these protests to happen. The media wanted chaos and that’s what they got. What is to come?

  7. The CCP deliberately spread COVID19 worldwide while preventing its spread in China. China lied, people croaked.

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