Dr. John Torres Breaks Down Details On the Covid Variants | MSNBC 1

Dr. John Torres Breaks Down Details On the Covid Variants | MSNBC


New Covid variants are still popping up all over the country. NBC's Dr. John Torres breaks down what a variant is and everything you need to know.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. John Torres Breaks Down Details On the Covid Variants | MSNBC


    1. @Jay are you telling me that you think giving hillary the debate questions before the debate isn’t corruption???? And i have no fear of xeno. So I don’t have xenophobia.lol

    1. Biden now wants millions of undocumented to come in America
      He’s endangering our country. not smart at all. Tell your Senate’s No Way Joe.

    2. @Xk Xk “Biden now wants millions of undocumented to come in America” what is your source of this information? I can’t seem to find anything about this anywhere?

  1. The Brazilian variant is the most troubling. People who had Covid, in the spring, are getting sick again, in Manaus.

    1. Could be a simple lack of antibodies this far from infection. However I would say the SA varient is equally troubling

  2. Looking forward to N95 masks being widely available and not five bucks each. Surprised to see no mention of the need to cover eyes.

    1. Eye coverings were mentioned quite some time ago. People with glasses do have some protection. I recalled back in February there was mention that the virus can enter the body through the nasal cavities and will begin to grow in the throat. There is also evidence that the virus can enter through the eyes, the mucus in the eye. I believe this was mentioned during one of trumps daily White House briefing’s.
      You can purchase a coverings at your local hardware store or any home-improvement facilities such as Home Depot or Menards.

  3. The variant in Maryland doesn’t gave to come from any WHERE, it could have spontaneously arose HERE. Everybody’s missed this.

    1. Well, the Covid virus itself was called the China virus by Trump.
      Call it the Trump virus in the USA because no one else globally handled it as he did.

  4. We think we may have community spread….. I don’t think you know what you got at them moment. 12 months on and at square one.

  5. Pretty sure we’ve got at least one variant in the US that CAME from the US. How could we not, the way it’s romped around here for months?

    1. A lot of mutations aren’t beneficial to the virus so they don’t spread.

      We’ve handled it pretty terribly here and are a disproportionate amount of cases, but, still, 75% of cases are elsewhere

  6. I was expecting a US variant as well.
    I find it entirely unsurprising that these variants are coming from the countries with the highest numbers of covid cases.
    Just because if you have more cases, you have more chances for mutations and the virus to evolve.

    1. The guy in the video mentioned J and J is 72% effective in preventing severe disease. Notice how he didnt say it was 72% in preventing Covid infection. There is a possibility that if the vaccine doesnt prevent infection, the virus will have many more opportunities to mutate once we reopen completely

  7. Regarding Dr John Torres’ mask recommendations at the end of this video,
    Pls provide some scientific basis for your recommendation for double masking.
    I don’t think a research study exists about efficacy of double masking..
    I also wonder about your recommended test to simply check for light that passes through a cloth mask. AFAIK a surgical mask has a middle layer that has special properties to block or capture droplets that might carry virus, but of course cloth masks cannot do this even if you don’t see light.

    It’s my concern that not only this recommendation but others regarding masking and double masks in particular have been without scientific basis,
    And that the only recommendations that are scientifically supported are that surgical masks should be the minimal standard in public but that does not protect the wearer in a highly infectious exposure, only protects others from the wearer.
    Only N95 rated masks and respirators can fairly reliably (not 100% of course) protect the wearer, and this could be important if the person is in a maskless gathering.

  8. USA does little genome sequencing compared to many other countries, so the variants would be much more widespread than known. And the more we let covid spread, the more we give it a chance to mutate. Need to go the route of countries like Australia.

  9. Still no news on the Chinese variant or the US variant?
    People just so you know, this never goes away. There will always be a new variant.

  10. Notice how he has to speak to us like we are 5 year old children. Please wear your masks, its almost been a full year, its not that uncomfortable.

  11. The safest way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to stay home unless you need to leave. You cannot control people’s action, but you can control your own. Stay home. Stay safe.

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