1. Nah. They should be given a one-way trip to Antarctica. They can spend their remaining days (hours?) happily playing with the penguins.

    1. @stoutz You mean the Ontario $cience Table. Or the Ontario “Science” Table. Or the Ontario Science Fiction Table.

  1. Since Dec 9th, there are an additional 19 in the ICU yesterday and 40 in the ICU the daay before. Today is a blip since we admitted 59 more to the non-COVID ICU in the province likely due to the snowstorm (speculation). One word: overreaction.

    1. As per the Ontario government data reported Jan. 18th:

      1,278 = number of non-COVID patients in ICUs
      572 = number of COVID patients in ICUs
      493 = number of EMPTY beds in ICUs

      ONE IN FIVE beds in Ontario ICUs are UNOCCUPIED. As it fully available for a patient.

  2. I would like to know how record deaths and record hospitalizations are going thanks to your insane advice and when you can be thrown in jail.

  3. Maybe we should send the bill to you Doctor all failing businesses for you to pay. I think we need to have a more balanced view than he is giving

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