Dr. Kavita Patel: ‘We Do Not Have Evidence That We Need A Third Shot’

Andrea Mitchell is joined by Dr. Kavita Patel, Former Health Policy Director for Obama, to discuss Pfizer’s recommendation for a third dose of the vaccine, contrasting the current guidance of administration officials and other leading scientists. Dr. Patel shares her perspective, driven by data, saying that, “we simply do not have evidence that we need a third shot.” 

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Dr. Kavita Patel: ‘We Do Not Have Evidence That We Need A Third Shot’


    1. Take a look at what’s going on in Taiwan right now. The vaccine-induced deaths are outpacing natural COVID-induced deaths.

  1. 52% of the new cases in US are Delta variant and you do not have evidence that you need a booster? Have you looked at what’s going on in UK? You guys are now sounding more like Trump lunatics!

    1. We don’t mind being called lunatics when we are right. If there were 2 cases of C19 in the US and 1 person had the Delta variant then it would be 50% of all cases. Continue being the 🐏 of fully exposed Dr Fugazi!!!

  2. What are you taking about?? Canada bought two Pfizer booster shots for all Canadians to be used both next year and the year after…. Are you telling me that the Canadain government bought all these shots two months ago without any evidence that they were needed just to secure contacts for first doses from Pfizer?

    1. Canada has twice the number of vaccine shots ordered or on order when compared to its population. You know what this tells you,…it’s always easy to spend other people’s hard earned money by tagging it as government expenditure. Government spending and expenditure= wasteful spending and bigger control.

    2. @Jehovah Witness Canada is messed up. They are injecting school-age children without their parents’ consent!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t have evidence that I need to look both ways more than once when crossing a road – but I do.

    1. if only the boosters weren’t a billion-dollar industry, associated with side effects, associated with rare serious adverse reactions, associated with missed time off work, and if they were as easy as a 0.5 second head turn, perhaps we would also do them without evidence. Thanks.

  4. the doctor just today when i went to get my 2nd shot of moderna told me very very specifically, you are protected 90-95% from severe illness and for a minimum of 12 months, i asked about the 12months and she said its because there has only been 12 months of data so far, it will last much longer but officially we can only say 12months.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 honestly at this point, everyone who wants the vaccine has gotten it. insurance companies should not cover covid treatment for unvaccinated from here on.hospitals should stop wasting resources on maintaining large covid wards.

    2. @Gerry A agreed. On the east coast, we had to turn our ice rinks into morgues last year. Now, we are vaccinated and getting back to a semblance of normal. Meanwhile, in the deep south, no ice rinks and shocking hospitalization rates of 99% unvaccinated individuals who simply defy reason. Maybe Walmart inc. can loan them some refrigerated trucks in lieu of ice rinks.

    3. That and moderna has never made a vaccine before now for ANYTHING! 😅 but hey stick out your arm again….

    4. @littleangel4780 its like you think this is all new? Has pfizer made vaccines before? Same tech…MRNA tech has been in development for 30years.. nothing is new about it

  5. “India could be the first country to sue a WHO scientist for advising against Ivermectin against Covid-19

  6. I’d be more interested to understanding any financial incentives that may help to add color to Pfizer’s motivations here or lack thereof.

    1. Thank you Dr Patel but I think the MSDNC host needs at least a couple of booster shots… to help with the low energy.

  7. All the research is telling us we dont need a third shot. Come in America get your shots now!!!!!! You’ll be healthier!!!!!!!!

  8. Israel is not giving the booster “to cancer patients on immunotherapy”, they are giving it to all immunocompromised individuals, which includes the very old, and cancer patients *on chemotherapy* which lowers the white cell count. Furthermore, she is wrong about giving vaccines to the PA, Israel did immunize health workers in the PA, and they vaccinated those who work in Israel, and tried to give them vaccines, but the PA authority refused them. Any Arab resident of Israel, who wanted to be vaccinated, was. So Mitchell just lied. Mitchell misspeaks so often, it has become painful to listen to her.

  9. Some years back the Palestinians wanted to have their own health administration. Israel agreed. So please, don’t use every opportunity to blame Israel for what is not right in this world.

  10. The more shots you get the safer you will be, I heard antifreeze also helps keep you warm in cold climates if you only inject alittle bit at a time….

  11. We don’t have any evidence that a first does is needed either. The sheep want a third shot? let them have it. I can’t imagine injecting yourself with as much of the safest most effective vaccine ever created as you want causing any harm. I say once a week. Better safe than sorry.

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