Dr. Lawrence Loh explains his decision to close schools in Peel Region


    1. If you’re all finished with your high school diploma and don’t intend to get a virology degree, maybe you could just grow some empathy and put a mask on.

    2. @Canadian Person I have a degree in a closely related health field. So you can take your unsolicited advice and cram it real deep in the stink.

    1. @Bob Barker it’s not on either the health Canada epidemiological summary not the Ontario epidemiological summary.

    2. @Bob Barker what a lovely sentiment. I’m sure their parents would be glad you could care less about their cause of death.

    3. @Robo Fisk even if like you said kids aren’t susceptible to covid, what if they will pass it to their parents and grand-parents? The elderly are susceptible to the virus right? In order to stop covid transmission, we should apply stricter lockdowns in Ontario. Looked at what New Zealand and Australia did and compare their numbers with ours you will understand.

    1. Our immune systems are friggen awesome, and they pretend we have no immune system except vaccines. In this case, frankenvaxes.

    2. @Sainte Jeanne d’Arc our immune systems are incredible. The death rate is quite low. The hospitalization is the real issue.

    3. @Jack W I’m glad you agree on that much and know the death rates are very low. Extremely low in fact. They can barely find one to go on about, so CanadaPoli was showing a pattern of many news reports and twitter doctors going on about the same case, where the same patient died. News keeps trotting out this shill doctor w/ dead creepy eyes, that I hate the site of, and he admitted ICU cases were around 421 across all of Ontario. Yet he was forecasting doom and what could happen. That’s all we’ve heard for over a year, false projections, weasel wording, wobbly decidedly unscientifically proven conjecture and the impending doom scenario that never happens. Not once. Someone did the math, looking up how many hospitals and ICU beds and figured out the average for an ICU was about 1.2 patients. That’s the latest spring surge.

      Speaking of spring, just like last year, there are no spring surges. This is a coronavirus. It does not defy every principle of science. There is far too much data in for them to pretend it does. Chart all around the world prove this out. I’ve read so many science studies and articles, disproving pretty much everything they imply on the news.

  1. This world is sinking so fast it’s hard to keep track of it all. There is no where to turn to when you can’t even trust doctors anymore.

    1. @Alex John you literally just said cases are near what they were last year with more restrictions ….1+1=2 lockdowns clearly don’t work

    2. @Jay Kaiser , real lockdown will work, however, this half assed attempt at restrictions, won’t.

    3. @Dave Bullock yes, one with an actual stay-at-home order. I’m so surprised anyone thinks we are in an ‘actual’ meaningful lockdown right now. Our lockdown has not been meaningful.

    4. @#1 Papa oh my what a comeback. You must be one of those right wing conspiracy nutters who gets their info from a reliable source like Facebook and Twitter. Lmfao 😂😂

    1. Also remember that closing borders is raycest and masks don’t work, oh wait they work now, oh wait, they only work sometimes, oh wait you need 3 masks now for them to work. Also go to Chinatown and hug an Asian, oh wait, don’t do that actually, ya if you get too close now we’ll arrest you.

    2. Rightly said, Two weeks- Yes, the variants are going to be scared and they are going to run away in two weeks. (like how it has been running away since….uh…march 2020…?!)

    3. If you idiots and your stupid friends would follow the rules, this would have been over a year ago. There is no one to blame but you.

  2. How long before teachers realize their job is being digitalized, they will end up on universal basic income alongside low income workers?! The job of the teacher is the easiest to move online, it already has, if I were a teacher, I’ll be fighting to go back to work!

    1. Moving to online courses was not easy for the teachers I worked with. Just saying being a teacher is not an easy job. We should be helping each other out instead of trying to tear each other down.

    2. @Pixie Madness I no longer trust teachers and think that public schooling is evil. Homeschool your kid if you can, it’s the highest quality education available right now.

    3. wow- what a correct and unique perspective- these teachers think they are getting paid vacation now but they do not realize their jobs are being marginalized away

  3. Translation: “we had to many of you “thinkers” pointing out that we had everything closed but schools so we had to do something to show that we’re a little bit competent

    1. Fall Days just not the difference between flu and covid numbers. Hmmm. But you give the guy with bad grammar a hard time. Hope you’re equally as brutal towards lockdowns.

  4. Translation: school safeguards make schools safe but there are so many transmissions now of covid that it exceeds their ability to maintain kids safe. I like the seatbelt/airbag analogy he gave that if we drive 400km per hour the seatbelts and airbags no longer provide a safety barrier. Thus his rationale to close schools. The variants are out of control.

  5. Bought and paid for gear mongers….the worst kind…using children who have zero morbidity from this bug as pawns…Sick!

  6. They’re robbing my kid of her high school experience and a proper learning environment….politics, philosophy, world religions…these are not classes meant to be studied alone in your room

  7. Not dismissing risk. I just wish there was more notice. CERB doesn’t kick in right away. This approach was inconsiderate.

  8. No, you don’t do this, not on a day’s notice with a frickin break coming in 4 days and AGAINST of what the government decided. Pathetic!

  9. Easier to bully students than solve the problem by closing Amazon, post office, big box stores, costco , etc. For a week.

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