Dr. Leana Wen: ‘We’re Going To Overburden Our Public Health Infrastructure’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Simple maxim…..
    If you’re looking for financial advice you seek the expertise of a financial advisor ;
    If you’re looking for legal advice you seek the expertise of a lawyer;
    If you’re looking for medical advice you seek the expertise of a doctor ……

    1. A lot of them are his hardcore supporters that traveled to tulsa for the event and are now possibly spreading the virus around their families and home towns.

      Be interesting to see if his Twitter gang starts getting sick all the clowns were there..

  2. Australia 100 deaths
    America 120,000 deaths.
    America is 15 times bigger than Australia.
    AMERICA should have just 1,500 deaths.
    Trump and the GOP have to pay a very very high price for this.

    1. Spot on. Also note that South Korea learned of Covid the same day as the Trump administration. South Korea–less than 250 dead. America–well, we’re shooting for half a million dead so we can still stay “we’re number one”.

    2. @Graeme SYDNEY similar situation in NZ. All our cases are returned citizens. I understand that it is illegal to refuse citizens at the border. Some folk want to close the borders to everyone. All who return now have to have a negative test to leave quarantine even if it takes a month or so. Govt paid. That’s going to knock back tourism further but safety first. All are tested day 3 and 12 and before ending quarantine. Can you imagine the US doing this?

    3. Dr Leanna Wen, you are a brave woman. Thank you for speaking out, racism is also pandemic. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a Doctor or medic today.

  3. Sarcasm or joking is the current go-to excuse for dumb stuff bogus potus blurts out.
    For the next two weeks we’ll await to see what happens. And people really wanna back this selfish & foolish clown? 😏

    1. @samuel gainey Biden is cringing about the sexual harrasment allegations as his brain shuts down mid conversation…

    2. Çoronavirus Çousins Are Çoming That is what we have now!! Getting rid of this feckless “President” in November

    3. Çoronavirus Çousins Are Çoming
      trump has 25 women who have accused him of 26 incidences of unwanted contact and 43 instances of inappropriate behavior…..not to mention the women he has paid off and will be indicted for in January

  4. Common sense and intelligence is something NOONE should expect from trump and his gang of idiotic enablers.

  5. i still cant get free testing unless i have a fever and i know it costs money to prepare for a test so maybe sell some of those tanks in small cities who have enuff presence already

    1. JJJJ808 really, that’s horrible as the numbers needing hospitalization will go up as the Covid cases increase. Stay safe.

  6. The ‘bell curve’ is just too wide. You cannot develop a national strategy when some people are just too stupid to follow simple instructions.

    1. @Ray Isaac Who are the ones in charge of the American response to the virus, then? Who is / are to blame?

    2. @charcolew I really don’t know. I’d have thought it was your President, but he apparently disagrees.
      Your tragic situation seems to reflect the lack of priority he assigns to helping save people’s lives.

  7. Hey Trump…25 million tests is ONLY about 6% of the country!! No wonder we lead the world in deaths. 😳

    1. Raoul Radio Brazil, Mexico, Russia and lot of other countries are under reporting their number of deaths.

      I am not giving the USA an excuse. Trump has done a very poor job.

    2. @Keith Mc America too has undercounted and mis-reported. The estimate, based on year to year comparison, is death toll understated by 25%.

    1. according to trump it’s Chyyynaaaaa! chhynaaaa!
      and also “it will magically go away”.

      otherwise if not, we can continue blaming chyynaaaa…. because we are such a world super power
      that can’t make a vaccine for $1.99 for our citizens while chynnaaaa gives it for free to each person in their nation.

      also asians do not exist in america according to trump.

    2. tyjghjghhh haha 😂 that’s a banger mate but you ain’t wrong either trump is a lunatic racist dictator and his supporters are following him blinded by greed and stupidity but hopefully you will get rid of him ASAP I’m surprised he’s still breathing with what he’s doing in America you were a very respected country and trump has turned America into the biggest embarrassment on the planet if he was in the Middle East America would of invaded the country and took him out has a threat to world peace take care of yourself my best wishes buddy from Stevie in Britain

  8. Trump just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t fit his own reality. He is unable to admit that he has failed. Therefore, we cannot expect any progress. He is not suffering. We the people are. And he doesn’t care.

    1. @Steve Because the propaganda is effective on them, very effective. It is based off bigotry and hatred and fear, that is the fuel of this administration and why 30 some percent still defend Trump…Trump gives them approval and they like that even at the cost of their well being and life, they simply do not care until they themselves have someone they love suffer and die, then and only then will half them turn against Trump…Not only do they do it themselves but approve of others who do!

  9. DW news reporter speaking with a Trump supporter at the rally; why aren’t you wearing a mask, “we never had to do this with any other pandemic”. ok…

  10. Don’t listen to her she doesn’t know anything. Trump know’s more he got a doctorate in medicine from TRUMP UNIVERSITY ! 😀

    1. Since he owned a University, he presumably also owned all the knowledge it contained in its library and in the minds and computer drives of the teaching staff. And he has a perfect memory. Therefore, he knows everything. Sorry to disappoint all you guys who thought he was dumb…

    1. according to our genius trump and millions of his expert, scientists, engineers, area 51, black ops, darpa supporters…. if we don’t test, then covid19 don’t exist.
      pretty simple to me.

      i too believe in “it will magically go away”.

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