Dr. Mark Morocco As California Plans To Impose Regional Stay-At-Home Orders | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Dr. Mark Morocco As California Plans To Impose Regional Stay-At-Home Orders | MTP Daily | MSNBC


UCLA Emergency Physician Dr. Mark Morocco says the virus is more widespread “in way … it wasn’t in March” as California prepares to impose regional stay-at-home orders. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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Dr. Mark Morocco As California Plans To Impose Regional Stay-At-Home Orders | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Trumps only interest in Covid was to make himself a “wartime president” to grab more power for himself. Didn’t work.

    1. @Dar Li he never started any foreign wars.

      He’s at war with fake news and pedophile demopedos

    2. You people are insane to support covid fears. Countless doctors and microbiologists are speaking out against the vaccine and lockdowns.. And masks! Though your MSNBC fear Gods appease your minds of fearful intent.

    3. Trumps only interest is himself. Always has been. Always will be. And he has contempt for his followers and enablers for letting him go on like this.

    1. @Ja Pandason ilhan Omar takes her brother to bed every night.

      That’s because she married her brother!!!! You win!!! Que the banjos for the party of inclusion!!!

      Isn’t diversity fun?

  2. tRump tried to cancel free speech again after #DIAPERDONNY hit #1 on twitter. Saying the “leftists” are going to cancel everything is getting pretty funny.
    If you hurt tRumps widdle feelings it’s either cancel them or lock them up.

    1. Tweatles makes the whole cult look childish and stupid, his posts look like something a 40 year old virgin would say!

    2. @truth troll bwhahahaha that’s because liberal inbreeding nazis keep banning our accounts. You Canadians are hysterical

  3. This is what happens when one politicizes a pandemic. There’s no leadership, no unified message. Question to all the Trump supporters…if you don’t believe the virus is real then why did Trump say it would disappear?

    1. @Inf7cted how lame are you to not believe viruses and epidemics are a natural phenomenon. Just like earthquake, fire or any other act of nature, you can’t ignore it and proceed as usual. Duh!

    2. @Inf7cted I have done my research. I’m also science educated and won’t be brainwashed by a spoilt moron.

    3. @Inf7cted you can believe what you want. If you choose to not listen to the doctors and scientists that’s your choice. With that choice comes the karma of that decision. I hope you don’t get sick or get anyone else sick. Nobody wants the negative karma that goes along with that.

    4. @Sitchinite420 First off doctors and Top Microbiologists are coming out ringing the alarm. Even the creator of the PCR said its can be abused and find anything if you turn up the sensitive – this is now happening from 15 to 45. At 45! The truth is out there.

  4. Republicans have condemned democrats over “defunding the police” but by refusing to help the states with stimulus money, who’s really defunding the police?

    1. A whole page of rhetorical, fact-devoid posts by far-right militants who proved their violent tendencies in the peaceful protests, you idiots are caught on camera instigating riots, many are being prosecuted as we speak. Couldn’t even carry out a kidnapping effectively, pathetic simpletons!

    2. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact I’m so glad no one I know talks like you. Is that what you consider as tough talk?

    3. @Michelle Carter no, I’m not a tough guy…… But kyle Rittenhouse sure is. And a hero to boot!!!!

    4. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact Thats disturbing. Encouraging Kyle is tragic. Sorry you can’t see where these choices lead.

  5. I can’t believe how vulnerable we are as a people, to fall prey to a known liar, who constantly spew easily proven lies.


  6. The time to speak out as a medical professional was last February. When the medical industry said corrona was common and nothing to fear. Keep America free.

    1. the medical industry never said corona was common and that there was nothing to fear, trump was the one pushing that false claim

  7. “The stupid has to stop”, no airing of the crazy man’s lies the cult will start to eventually have to listen to someone else, hopefully with a brain.

    1. @Michelle Carter dude…. Liberal mayors forced their appointed police chiefs to stand down when you drooling inbreeders burned down your own communities. Remember??? It happened for 8 months straight marking you morons 285 times worse thanks hitler’s brown shirts.

      “The night of broken glass” only went on for one night!!! Not 8 months.

  8. on 11/23/2020 dr. morocco wrote an oped piece for the l.a. times. i read it and you should too. it will make strumpets boot lickers look like the idiots they are.

  9. I didn’t hear him mention stay-at-home orders ONCE during the interview. This headline is a sham, its misleading, and its propaganda meant to keep MSNBC viewers invested in viewing even more fear-mongering and fact-less dialogue. So what was the reason they used such a headline??? To reflect some immediacy? To inform the viewer with updates on protocols and restrictions? Nae, it was meant to make you click on a video that later revealed nothing but meaningless dialogue. Once again, I have less respect for the media than before I watching this video.

  10. Just seeing this pic of this dr and how stressed he is ,puts me in tears , how can fellow Americans not see this and get it…

  11. THE COVID-19 Big Media and Big Pharma propaganda hype is losing momentum…….
    Why??? 2 million + deaths in the USA in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and in 2020 with COVID-19…….
    Also, stated clearly in the Johns Hopkins data for all to know…… Is the yearly number of deaths in the USA…….

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