Dr. Mclean Sent on Leave Amidst Probe at MOE | TVJ News - Oct 13 2021 1

Dr. Mclean Sent on Leave Amidst Probe at MOE | TVJ News – Oct 13 2021


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  1. This unacceptable, what they mean Grace McLean name keeps coming up? It’s NOT HER ALONE. As usual they are PROTECTING THE MAN. What about DEAN BERNARD ? He needs to be dealt with as well.

    1. Usual fi protect man? U do kno women spend less time for the same crime a man would, mi na défend Dean mi juss a seh if he’s being peotected it nave nutn fi do wid gender, more males inna corruption scandal than women

    2. @RODGER JOHNSON that’s beside the point. What I am saying is that they BOTH need to be REMOVED and dealt with. Not just one. And certainly not transferring one to the MINISTRY OF FINANCE.

  2. This one must not be swept under the carpet, she must not be sent on leave and still get her monthly salary. She is not alone in this. The children are suffering we the citizens of Jamaica needs to take a stand. What at all times the Education Ministry get caught in these things

  3. I was offended when former prime minister PJ Patterson said “ don’t give your lunch pan to a hungry man “ now I understand why he said that.

  4. No surprises here.. There is a clear trend in the way this govt handles public funds.. All this talk from the PM about trust and accountability is just gibberish.. We are seriously tired of this though.. no joke!

  5. No wonder why the kids can’t get any tablets. Between her and ruel Reid and them personalized the public coffers. It’s a shameful disgrace

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