Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman face tough questions in Pennsylvania | USA TODAY


  1. Interesting set of sound bites you chose if anyone is filling sarry for John remember if he wins he will be making policies that will affect your life and every one you you know parents children every one

    1. @James Ratliff 2 He is saying Fetterman does not have the mental capacity and do not vote because you feel sorry for him. He lacks decision qualities and needs to have tele promoters to assist his disability. Should be at home recovering.

  2. “I’m doing fantastic. It’s not about kicking balls in the authority or anything,” – Fetterman during Chris Hayes interview, obviously the neck has NOT improved!

  3. Fetterman was absolutely destroyed. He flip floped on his earlier stances like with fracking. Could barely make a sentence. And constantly got softball questions. The media really wants fetterman to win. Should tell you something.

  4. Fatter-man did great last night. He showed the world his intelligence level and he’s looks like he’s in top shape……lol

  5. Voters you are not doing Fetterman a favor by voting for him, he obviously needs to rest and recover as a senator he would be an embarrassment to himself, the people of Pennsylvania and the nation. Please vote for Oz.

  6. Come on Pennsylvanians let’s not embarrass ourselves Dr. Oz is the choice here he was clear on problems offered definitive answers, we may be watching a great president being made front of our eyes. I made up my mind Dr.Oz

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