Dr. Michael Osterholm: 'Imperative' That Healthcare Workers Are Vaccinated 1

Dr. Michael Osterholm: ‘Imperative’ That Healthcare Workers Are Vaccinated


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Dr. Michael Osterholm to discuss the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and other groups calling for mandatory vaccinations for all healthcare personnel. Dr. Osterholm also explains that more information about booster shots and breakthrough infections will continue to be released from emerging studies saying, “Science is all about correction. We correct ourselves all the time as we learn new things, as we are able to bring new information to the table.'

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Dr. Michael Osterholm: 'Imperative' That Healthcare Workers Are Vaccinated


  1. Meanwhile international flights continue around the country from places that don’t take or have vaccines.

    1. @coolnout Are you kidding? Every single person coming across the border is being welcomed into the country with open arms eventhough theyre breaking the law.
      Many of the people who are coming into this country have covid or at the very least have covid symptoms and our government is not quarantining these people but instead putting them on government planes and buses and shipping them all throughout the country.
      Even worse the Biden Administration is dropping these people off into states without notifying the local governments. So I don’t want to hear anyone on MSNBC or CNN whining about covid mitigation practices while they cover up or flat out lie about what’s going on at our Southern border.

    2. @coolnout Illegal border crossings have reached over 1.1 million thus far in 2021. There are many crossing areas, give the coyotes a call and they’ll hook you up.

    3. @Flowers inherhair This is the headline; U.S.-Mexico border apprehensions for the fiscal year surpassed 1 million in June.

      Apprehensions, arrest (someone) for a crime

    4. @darren hergert “Federal officials have logged more than 1.1 million apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year, after another busy month in June, Customs and Border Protection said in a news release Friday.”

    5. @darren hergert ‘breaking the law” except seeking asylum isn’t breaking the law. Get help

  2. If they hadn’t been vaccinated during the height of the pandemic. Then it’s not going to change anything now.

    1. @The Logic Party theres no proof it was the vaccine.. since 50 percent of the COVID cases are aysymptomatic.. a more scientific explaination is the fact WEVE ALL BEEN EXPOSED and we have natural antibodies.

      Natural antibodies is superior protection to the vax. So much for the logic party LOL.

    1. If we just look at Houston Methodist as an example, only 153 of the over-25,000 employees were fired for refusing the vaccine. That’s a whopping 0.6% of the staff. I think hospitals will survive lol.

  3. Let the news tell it these days…it’s the healthcare workers passing around covid…lies upon lies!! I have a higher chance of getting covid on the street than I do at work at the hospital! Stop blaming the healthcare workers!

    1. @Claire Deiotte have you ever heard of ppe? Vaccinated or not hospital employees must wear it. A vaccine is not ppe.

    2. Kismet Daniels, as someone who spent 10 days and 17 days in a hospital, I can tell you that you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Hospitals are a hot bed of germs, bacteria and virus.

  4. Do you ever wonder why so many health care workers and medical professionals refuse to get vaccinated?

    1. @Kathryn Elizabeth 👈 What should worry you is why foreign trolls like this want us to take the vaccine

  5. Imagine a vaccine so effective it’s not approved by the FDA and you need to have lotteries to encourage people to get it.

    1. @B S
      So what do manufacturers
      gain from people dying from Covid itself or from
      the vaccine made to protect against the Covid ?
      The Vaccine is safe – but not 100% safe because nothing is 100% safe.
      So what is your point ?

    1. @Da Debbil 🤔 Considering that a Mensa member isn’t referred to as a Mensan I find that very hard to believe. I am not a Mensa member. My dad is. A respected scholar and instructor at MIZZOU. I grew up going to member events and not 1 time did I hear any of them referring to each other or themselves as Mensans. Nor did they boast of their intelligence as fodder in a debate….Really might be best for you to leave this subject matter alone.

    2. @Clara Pinkerton I know many that say Mensan. You certainly aren’t schooling me in any way, like your ego believes it is. Run along now, little one. Just for fun, try googling “Mensan”, because the first thing you will see is Mensa. But you’re too smart for me! Also, you need to brush up your terrible vernacular. It isn’t a “Mensa member”, but a “member of Mensa”. AKA, a Mensan.

    3. @Da Debbil Go a bit further with Google. It corrects the term to Mensa. As soon as you hit search. 🙄 A better argument may not be remiss. I don’t claim to being a genius. A bit smarter than the average bear…yes. That is attributed to having parents who made education top priority. As a correction, “little one” is usually used in reference to those younger or smaller than yourself. You have no idea of my age or stature. As with the death of Epstein it’s best not to make assumptions without facts.

  6. Chin diaper: wearing to appease others while still breathing air as opposed to exhaled breaths.

  7. This “doctor” should lose his licence! Not one vaccine has passed FDA approval. When those that take it no longer have to sign a waiver to be injected with experimental vaccine we can talk.

    1. @Kathryn Elizabeth Apparently you did not read what you signed. Yes Pres. Trump authorized it to be made available to the public. However the FDA has not as yet approved any of the vaccines.

    2. @Armani V some vaccines take years to get approval, it would be nice if it was approved sooner.

    3. @Le Taureau There are vaccinated super spreader as well apparently. Some of the cowardly Democrats that ran to DC rather than vote in Texas that were vaccinated have given people in DC kungflu.

    1. Bear and mind, that lobotomy use to be considered a valid medical procedure by “the experts.”

    2. @James Graham
      The Republicans played politics with it from the very beginning. Now they’re panicked because the virus is getting out of control again and it’s increasingly obvious that they were wrong about everything converting it and also hypothetical because they all ran to get the shot while promoting scepticism.

    1. @MassiveAttackFan Corporatism and croney capitalism is bad. Also fascism is bad. A component of which is the merger between corporations and the state. Which is exactly what we are seeing with big pharma and big tech. Wiping out the middle class and blowing out the dollar.

  8. They make sure that the medical companies can’t be sued. That should scream volumes. My family members are being forced. I would have to find another field to work in.

  9. It’s imperative that you take this jab (it’s not a vaccine) because you can still contract & transmit covid whether you receive the shot or not…
    ummm no thx!!!

  10. They didn’t have the vaccine during Covid and you were all begging for their help.
    Now you want to control them and talk about ‘carrots’ and ‘taking out a stick if necessary’

  11. “Listen to the doctors and scientists! What do you mean a lot doctors and scientists don’t want to get it? God they are so dumb, just get the vaccine!” Y’all trippin!

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