1. Education as such is what we need not mandates! We all have choices to make regarding your health it is our responsibility to protect ourselves not our government!

    1. According to Gov’t and Health Officals, natural immunity doesn’t exist apparently. Take the secret sauce to save yourself… 🤣🤣

  2. Patriots in Ontario need to move to Alberta ASAP. These demons are never ever going to stop. You are going to lose EVERYTHING

  3. Government does not make mandates public health is supposed to make that call with out government intrusion

  4. What we’re not understanding? I’m understanding my kids need natural immunity to the common cold and flu or this will happen every fall! Wonder if that guy has kids?

  5. the guys recommending wearing masks…..are the only ones not wearing masks! Doesn’t anyone else find that rather strange?!

  6. “Ontario’s top doctor” isn’t saying much.. actually, nevermind.. it says it all. All trust for the establishments we once heralded has been completely and irrevocably eroded.

    1. Yes you facebook doctors know best right? Just a few losers wont listen to professional advice, because living in moms basement makes you entitled.

  7. It might help if kids medication was available for parents to buy at pharmacies rather than have to go to hospital emergency rooms with their sick kids in order to get proper medications that are currently unavailable all the time in Canada . Having proper medications available for Kids appears to be a bigger issue than having to wear a mask .

  8. Yesterday he cleaned toilets – when they saw how badly he did it – they promoted him…Top dr my foot – jockying for the position of greatest liar is taking place in Ontario

  9. It’s always been common knowledge that if you have symptoms of being sick…STAY AWAY FROM THE LITTLE ONES…and wear a mask if you HAVE to go out…..and you as parents need too keep anyone with symptoms of illness out of our home…..and you don’t need to be taking your little ones to shopping malls and busy grocery stores….keeping the little ones safe is YOUR responsibility.

  10. These “top doctors” need to go away already. If my kids are sick I will talk to my family doctor if necessary for guidance and otherwise will be treating illness as we always have. Lots of rest, lots of fluids and lots of snuggles. My kids won’t be made to feel like their family fears them and like they have the plague. Enough already!!!! Let kids be kids.

  11. Why aren’t the hospital doctors interviewed, why is this the only mouth speaking..if the problem is in the emergency rooms and lack of staff then deal with those problems to save the children and the public..what kind of a sick game are these so called top doctors and politicians playing with peoples lives…

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