1. @Electric City Imagine being so naive or so ignorant as to think masks made any difference in regards to COVID when the real-world data unequivocally shows that masks correlated to HIGHER case counts, not lower. Whoops. The exact opposite outcome mask proponents claim should result.

  1. The reporter’s question presupposes that masks would somehow have helped ease the hospital load. Of course, she has no idea if that’s the case.

    1. Because she isn’t a journalist. There are no more journalists. They are all activists and propagandists now. And painfully dumb on top of that.

  2. I think in Canada, everyone needs to be asked the same question
    Why did it take so long to act on it?
    Bank of Canada governer
    Finance minister
    Immigration minister
    Health care

  3. Stop threatening our kids. Nobody I know will be complying with any such mandate or restrictions. Child mental and physical abuse won’t be tolerated. Parents will make that determination. So the goverment can just shut this crap down right now.

  4. Even n95s have minimal protection from both transmitting and protecting against viral infections. When an industry goes from a $749 million industry to a $168 BILLION industry, its hard to let go of that cheddar

  5. “why it took so long ..” you were literally free to wear one at any time you like this entire time. Unless you need the government to do your thinking…

  6. every journalist is masked and we wonder why their reporting is so unbalanced. I’ve seen several panels of “experts” lately who’s opinions ranged from – we need to mask to – we need to mask more.

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