Dr. Njoo: There is time to decide on second AstraZeneca dose for people under 55

Dr. Howard Njoo on whether people under 55 who already received the AstraZeneca vaccine should get their second dose.

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    1. Why would he? I doubt he’s consulted with the manufacturer! This makes me trust even less that Health Canada spews!

  1. “We know better than the manufacturer, and we know better than Dr James Weiler who expressed the dangers” – Dr Howard Nothanks.

  2. Why would Canada Health Lord God’s think they know better than manufacturers? Or other higher skilled doctors rather than a Graphic Designer? Unbelievable!!

    1. Only in Canada…cause Canadians are polite and tolerant bunch who will not question their political leadership.

  3. Who is this guy? Did he take speaking lessons from trudeau? Every sentence begins with “ahh, I think that ahhh”. He appears to just “think” everything, but actually knows nothing.

    1. Unlike Vincent Guzzo, who isn’t a federal employee, this guy isn’t going to get called out for it.

  4. Thanks Dr Njoo for your honesty and transparency. You should be nominated for The cross of Valour 😉

  5. Talk about making the rules and policy on the fly. Can you all spell Guinea pig. UNBELIEVABLE

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