Dr. Osterholm: ‘We Need A Comprehensive Plan’ For Vaccine Distribution | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Dr. Osterholm: 'We Need A Comprehensive Plan' For Vaccine Distribution | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


    1. @Wally Censorship when “we”? Who is “we”? Try again….
      You need to put your back into the mis/disinformation for it to have a chance to sink in…but seeing as you only joined a week ago, your learning curve will be steep.

  1. Why emergency COVID-vaccine approvals pose a dilemma for scientists
    Immunizations are speeding towards approval before clinical trials end, but scientists say this could complicate efforts to study long-term effects.

    After a flurry of positive results from clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines, developers are now seeking ‘emergency use’ approvals, which could see these immunizations deployed in potentially tens of millions of people. But scientists are concerned that this kind of early deployment could compromise the ongoing clinical trials that seek to show conclusively how well the vaccines work.

    nature/ David Cyranoski, 23 NOVEMBER 2020

  2. Doctors also said that it was safe to take Opioids for pain , Oxycondone , Percocet and Oxycontin look how wrong they were about that stuff !

    1. Well then, Let’s look at all the long-standing and serious mental and physiological damage causes to 18% of the infants being forced to take the MMR vaccines. And perhaps, look back at the huge spike in polio that was caused by the polio vaccine in the late 1950s and through out the 60s…. when polio cases were already in a decline. And do we really need to go into all the drugs and vaccines that caused such serious and generational problems and deformities… like thalidomide, …. all of which were hurriedly pushed through and ‘cleared’ by the FDA for political reasons and financially benefit. Not untrue. Not much different.

    2. @K. McKee There is no scientific proof that vaccines have caused autism or any other widespread issues. That is just standard anti-vaccine propaganda. I took the Salk vaccine myself in the early 60’s, and there was no problem with that vaccine. That vaccine effectively wiped out polio in the US. Yes, there are cases of disastrous side effects from medicines like thalidomide. None of the examples you listed were pushed through for political reasons, though. Big Pharma is to blame for most issues with drugs, like opioids, which can be safe when used properly. These vaccines are being invented and tested in record speed, but all the steps are being followed. As with any legitimate science, the data is being peer reviewed. Trump was trying to push for a vaccine before the election, but the pharmaceutical companies refused to rush the process by skipping essential steps. Trump has done reputational damage to the CDC and other organizations, but science is inherently not political.

    3. You’re living in such a easy time in human life. You’re lost in the present and too dumb to realise how privileged you are to live in a period when so many diseases have been dealt with through medicine

    4. @K. McKee As a healthcare worker and wife of a physician, I have to ask where you are getting that data. 18%? What long lasting effects?

  3. Biden will have to have “FAKE TRUMP RALLIES”,👉 that are really large group therapy/deprogramming meetings…….red hats optional

    1. Why do some many Dem cities with complete Dem control treat Black Americans so badly…Chicago, Baltimore…Better question might be why Black Americans keep voting for them🤔????

    2. @Think about it Because as black people they have been oppressed not by DEMS or DEM cities but by the GOP. The GOP knows that if all Americans of color turned out to vote every time there wouln’d be a GOP…they need to cheat and they got the BIGLLIEST cheater in the WH……..and BTW……….TRUMP LOST 😂😂😂😂

  4. The Pfizer vaccine has to be given 1 hour after defrost. How is Walgreens and CVS going to do this? Ask the tuff questions.

    1. They probably do it the same way for the flu shot. You make a reservation online or in person then comeback when it’s your turn. That’s how my elderly parents did it this year.

  5. Bonnie and Clyde of political corruption in America in Georgia robbed dead American of their lives… by benefiting in stock market and yet running for elections. The culture of Crimes in GOP.

    1. pretty sure that was about trump – the survey was prior to pfizer announcing the first vaccine, one with 90% efficacy – one that had nothing to do with trump or opertion warpseed or anything else in the covid capital of the world. They began human trials in Germany clear back in April and they didn’t accept a penny of us govt money to develop it.
      Ask nurses today, after giving them that knowledge, and you won’t have: “…one third saying “yes” (34%), one third, “no” (36%) and one third (31%) unsure.”

    2. They want their allotments to go to PATIENTS. HOWEVER the frontline providers DO want to take vaccine to protect THEIR PATIENTS.

    1. _”being done”?_ The US hasn’t vaccinated one person yet (outside of Phase III trials)
      I think you’ve got a serious case of “The Grass is Always Greener” regarding foreign countries.

    1. Yet who runs democrat states ? Like New York New Jersey California which are all seeing record numbers .
      That’s republicans fault ?

  6. The distribution plans are already in place. The California governor has already said they are ready to go.

  7. First vaccinated seem to lack the extremely important “group,” the natives of this country. As trump and his lackeys have overtly participated in a constant proliferation of genocide. They weren’t counted in the census (purposely) – no funds. Epicenter of plague death on Navajo Nation and other places – trump refused them ppe let alone medical staff, equipment, hospital bldgs, info to out lying people who didn’t know what was happening. Somebody needs to wake up and vaccinate these great people.

  8. Dr. Osterholm is brilliant a, honest and kind. We are so incredibly fortunate to have him looking out for us. Thank you.

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