Dr. Patel Discusses Promising Data From The UK Which Shows Dramatic Impact Of Vaccines | Deadline 1

Dr. Patel Discusses Promising Data From The UK Which Shows Dramatic Impact Of Vaccines | Deadline


Dr. Kavita Patel highlights the positive news out of the United Kingdom and Israel that vaccines are having a significant impact in lowering the number of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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Dr. Patel Discusses Promising Data From The UK Which Shows Dramatic Impact Of Vaccines | Deadline


    1. The 64% was factoring in the South African trials where their variant is the most resistant to the vaccine. Also the 80+% is for serous symptoms not all symptoms. It is actually 100% effective against death. Listen to all the words.

    2. At preventing severe disease it’s 85%. You’ll still get it if you’re exposed, but you won’t be hospitalized or die.

  1. Would be much more interesting if they also reported on how much Big Pharma is making on the vaccines in terms of immediate profit, future tax breaks & political favours, etc.

    1. Astra Zeneca is also giving the vaccine for free to third world countries other pharmaceuticals are a disgrace

    2. @Brian Jones Third world countries don’t have the infrastructure for the mRNA vaccines due to the cold storage requirements. It was a challenge even in developed countries.

    1. I have a really creepy feeling that regressive America will never achieve population immunity because of ignoramuses who refuse to take the vaccine

    2. You should really come out of your mother’s basement once in awhile and educate yourself instead of posting ignorant comments all over the internet. Maybe even try finishing high school because you’re clearly too dumb for college.

    3. I got a really creepy feeling you are actually eager to post ignorant comments all over the internet and look foolish willingly.

    1. @Kate No he didn’t. He provided a slogan, not a vaccine development program. All vaccine manufactures were using preexisting technology. They just customize what they already had to Covid. Clinical trials were not/could not be sped up. “Operation Warp Speed” just prepaid for vaccines, so that they could start being produced before they completed testing. At most only 1-2 months were saved and only because the vaccines worked. Had they not, “Operation Warp Speed” would have been a complete failure.

  2. You have a choice. Get vaccinated and have a great chance of not getting Covid or go with heard immunity and have a good chance of getting Covid and fighting the virus and possibly dying. It’s your choice.

  3. The USA is showing the world what it thinks of the elderly, they don’t produce, so put them at the end of the line.

  4. This is a poor basis for comparison given the UK’s population is only 66 million compared to the US’s which is 330 million. Much more challenging to vaccinate several hundred million people especially given how many people are unwilling to take it.

    1. We have more people and we have more doctors. A journey begins by making the first step. This isn’t over but we are making significant headway.

  5. I hope you have an amazing 2021,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon.

    Like so more people can see this..

  6. With respect to the new and more dangerous strains, would it be reasonable to ban travel that is not within the borders? When a person or family travels to England, I am having a problem seeing how that lowers my risk of catching the new strains when they return. When travelers from outside America come to visit, it seems that it would not lower my risk of catching the new strains, either.

  7. Skip the rules, skip the hospital, fair? If you do not want to get a vaccine, wash your hands, wear a mask, or social distance, no problem, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it. Everyone decides to do what they want, the end result is the same. Everyone will catch it, there will be herd immunity, those that followed the rules will have fewer problems and deserve medical care if they need it.

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