Dr. Patel On Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Dr. Patel On Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant | Deadline | MSNBC


Former Obama White House health policy director Dr. Kavita Patel and former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi react to a Fox News host telling people to call the police when they see children wearing masks outside, and discuss how doing so could potentially be illegal.
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Dr. Patel On Tucker Carlson’s Latest Rant | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Anyone who wants to take Off their Mask, they are doing it at their Own Risk, I will be Keeping mine On, too Much Conflicting information.

    1. All these idiots talk about is trump or the attack on the capital.
      Move on, its over
      Talk about stuff going on today
      They secretly love trump

    2. @Video Game Sanctuary You have some of the evidence, but you’re ignoring other things that hurt your anti-mask stance. I believe what I see working. Cloth slowed things down, but Japan started encouraging people to move into synthetic fiber masks to more effectively block the particulates. Nothing is 100%. People are just trying to do what is best for themselves and their neighbor, so please stop trolling.

    3. @62mer I’m not anti mask actually, I believe a mask can help BUT only if you use proper coverings. And I believe in the freedom to choose if you wanna wear one, unless you’re in a private business.

    4. @62mer Not trolling, it cost me $12 for a reusable mask that has a spot for activated carbon filters that is tight to the face. 50 filters, $20….it’s not that hard to use proper measures….trolling….that’s funny.

    5. @A C They do, however, stop the water vapor in which the viruses travel, so they are useful to those intelligent enough to wear them. END

  2. Some children may be wearing masks for other conditions, autoimmune diseases, transplants, … Fondly, Pat

    1. I thought republicans view wearing a mask as oppression,,, so is telling me not to idiots,,, these people are insane

  3. Even though I’ve been vaccinated, I still wear a mask everywhere because it makes other people feel safer and is an example of being thoughtful and responsible around others. There’s no point in acting cavalier about public safety on something this serious.

    1. Kevin Sounds like ur a true thoughtful American like most of us..Just the knuckleheads on the far ends of the political spectrums make the most noise and intelligence gets drowned out

    2. “Thoughtful and responsible around others.” I know who *you* voted for….
      Thank you. *_Country_*_ over party. _*_Society_*_ over the individual._

    3. Yes! I’m also going to continue wearing my mask after my 2nd dose. Really–these vaccines are great, but not 100 percent, and I’m terribly unlucky. Also, masks are dirt cheap right now, and they help with allergies (which I do have) and also colds/flu prevention (I didn’t catch the flu this past season–did get a flu shot–and haven’t had a cold since March of 2020).

  4. We must make sure that everyone remembers that Fox News argued in court that “You Literally Can’t Believe The Facts Tucker Carlson Tells You”, and “no reasonable viewer’ takes Tucker Carlson seriously”

    1. @MsYoutuebchen: It’s not nit-picking. Your quote, in the context of Fox’s argument that Tucker wasn’t relaying facts but only OPINIONS, leads one to conclude something entirely different than the OP’s quote “no reasonable viewer takes Tucker Carlson seriously”. They are two completely different things. One presupposes that because Tucker’s show is OPINION based commentary, reasonable viewers will approach it with some skepticism (because it’s only someone’s opinion). Whereas the OP’s fake quote leads one to believe that no reasonable person watches Tucker Carlson. Fox didn’t say that. The OP was obviously trying to make it sound as though Fox admits that Tucker Carlson intentionally spreads lies. Which HE HIMSELF was doing! In lying about quotes regarding Fox’s legal argument, the OP was doing exactly what he was accusing Tucker of!

    2. I find it refreshing that at least one person (you) in this forum is capable of putting proper sentences together and following a strict line of reasoning, even though I s t i l l maintain there is a bit of nitpicking here.
      But I really have to get some sleep now.

    3. @Drake Fire These idiots didn’t even read the transcript of their orange Fascist’s first impeachable phone call.

      He’ll probably look it up through an alt right source. Which means it won’t exist.

    4. @Reason Of course you missed it.

      I’m not surprised you missed the recording of the statement.

      Feel free to keep lying to yourself.

    1. @Danimal People who have been vaccinated can still be carriers of covid without feeling sick themselves AND most haven’t received the second dose of the vaccine so it isn’t fully effective. Tucker Carlson surely must be aware of this if he is a legitimate “news” reporter but then again Fox did fight hard in court recently to prove that no reasonable person would believe what they say. (The judge agreed)

  5. 20 years ago I had a kidney transplant as a result I have a weakened immune system. Many other people have underlying health issues. Why should I be villianized for wearing a mask to protect myself.

    1. ​@April MacDonell Actually the right of life and personal security is a human right (Art. III Universal declaration of human rights )
      but we already have many problems with the other pretty simple articles like Art.1 Right to Equality, Article 2 Freedom from Discrimination, Art.7 Equality before the law, …

    2. ​@Septembers Whisper that’s why doctors wear masks on surgeries since centuries cause they are useless and cause many serious health issues, we wouldn’t have any medical staff anymore .

    3. @Human Centered Yeah, those ppl wearing a mask outside in the parking lot are strange. especially on a windy day..

  6. Tucker telling people to confront others who want to wear a mask is very irresponsible, and this shouldn’t just slide under the rug.

    1. I have a goddaughter in Nashville. She is a triathlete and took the first dose of Pfizer Vac.
      She is now in the hospital with multiple blood clots. The vac is not even FDA approved yet.
      I will wait thank you

    2. @Roy Mercer so the guy running around with zip ties at the Capitol was just for laughs, huh? And the people that died that day probably just some miscommunication?

    3. @coolguy556 “… I really don’t care what mlk said nor what anyone says, directing a population to confrontation is not the correct path…”

      And yet that is EXACTLY what MLK called for. I don’t have to tell you what happened as a result, that is a matter of historical record. So, it was OK and worked when MLK did it, but suddenly the same call from Maxine Waters, for the EXACT SAME reasons, is NOT OK.

      Right. Got it.

      Carry on, then.

  7. Please approach my child with your grievances, and tell me how that worked out for you after you wake up in the hospital.

    1. @Melissa P You ARE weak if you resort to violence, as several of the keyboard warriors have said they would. These “idiots” can’t force you to do anything unless they physically grab your mask. Then, by all means, defend yourself. Keep in mind, they may be hoping that you’ll resort to violence from their taunting.

      I like most of what you say; wearing the mask, under many circumstances, is civil behavior. Something the “muh rights” crowd seems to have forgotten.

  8. They Totally know what they are doing! This is intentional. Call it what it really is. Hate speech for profit motives with no regards to negative fallout.

    1. Fox News and Murdoch is already banned in Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland etc. I wonder when will the rest follow.

    2. Watch Tucker’s speech patterns: filled with “They”, “Them”, “You”, “Us” repeated ad nauseam

    3. @Eric Forsbergs Hahaha…’Murica will never stop Faux ‘news’. There’s too much money in it.

      And Japan can’t really talk, they have their own Qanon cult now too.

      2021 just getting started fam.

    1. It seems like you’ve already seen a right winger throwing one of their epic temper tantrums before. They are drunk on grievance which, combined with their arrogant sense of unearned entitlement makes them worse than spoiled brats.

  9. This guy took the words out of my mouth. Why give Tucker the satisfaction? When you feed the strays, they come back for more.

    1. Tuckers behavior is the very definition of stochastic terrorism; Fox propaganda has whipped the right wing into a rage of grievance already and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is sicking his violent fans onto the left whom he obviously hates with sadistic glee.

  10. So if in some jurisdictions a false report of child abuse is in fact a crime, then in such said jurisdictions then it follows that tucker carlson would be a co-conspirator to each such false report of child abuse. That needs (1) confirmation and (2) widespread enforcement!!

    1. Tuckers behavior is the very definition of stochastic terrorism; Fox propaganda has whipped the right wing into a rage of grievance already and he knows exactly what he is doing. He is sicking his violent fans onto the left whom he obviously hates with sadistic glee.

  11. My daughter is 9 and wearing a mask outside actually helps her with high pollen and other allergies as it prevents inhalation of the allergens.

    1. I always cover my face when mowing the lawn, working around sawdust, insulation, concrete dust etc… I couldn’t imagine what would happen if we starting protesting construction sites, telling workers that they’re sheep who are falling for OSHA propaganda by wearing masks and protective gear! LMAO Would they kick me out? Or do you think there’s a chance I would start a new movement? LOL

    2. Let’s start depending that surgeons and nurses should not wear masks because it threatened their freedom.
      O and now we are working on freedom. Operators working in the cleanroom of a farmaceutical factory manufacturing steriel injectables should also stop wearing masks because you know: Personal Freedom.

  12. I have a 7 year old that loves wearing masks! He says it allows him to be a super hero without being seen as a villain (the way cops see us every time we’re not wearing a mask)!

    1. wow… did not see the twist ending. i hate my race… i get so worried about my nephew. he’s only 13 but he’s as big as me. thankfully, covid (and video games) have kept him indoors.

    2. My grandson enjoys wearing it! Wears it even when he doesn’t have to. Not a big deal. Kids are very adaptable, and care more about others than sucker carlson and the right wing idiots.

  13. If you listen to Tucker and make a mistake and come in my face when I’m wearing my mask please remember that might be the last thing you do

    1. Don’t listen to Tucker. Tucker is a liar like Murdoch etc. And Fox News and Murdoch is already banned in Japan, Ireland, Portugal, South Korea, Denmark etc. I wonder when will the rest follow.

  14. The kids of “nerds” have No problem wearing a mask! Because almost all heroes wear a mask!!

  15. The conversation shouldn’t be about Carlson but about his employer who provides the platform and the salary for him to incite violence. Fox News needs to be brought to book.

    1. Indeed, Fox propaganda has been juicing up their base for profit and have zero concern for the toxic effect on our society. Those right wingers are literally frothing with rage and constantly talking about starting a civil war.

    2. Yes. Thats what I have been saying lately. Call out the Murdochs by name. They are the ones allowing him to do this.

    3. Fox News is a shame for sure. Fox News and Murdoch is already banned in Japan, Portugal, South Korea, Denmark etc. I wonder when will the rest follow.

  16. These anti-maskers scream about “freedom” and “my choice” “my right” then get outraged when a parent exercises their right to protect the child.

  17. Some people wear masks because their family member that just got an organ transplant is now getting chemo and radiation for cancer and we would like them to stay alive thank you very much

  18. I work at a school that has new cases DAILY and teens are qurarantined at a ridiculous pace. This is far from over.

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