Dr. Pernell: ‘This Pandemic Has Taught Us That All Lives Still Don't Matter’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Dr. Pernell: ‘This Pandemic Has Taught Us That All Lives Still Don’t Matter’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Public Health Physician Dr. Chris Pernell joins The ReidOut to talk about the racial inequities in vaccination rates: "What this pandemic has taught us is that all lives still don't matter … We're not going to see those lives truly matter until all of the tools, access is prioritized." Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Dr. Pernell: ‘This Pandemic Has Taught Us That All Lives Still Don't Matter’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. It’s now a year into this pandemic and we are still using masks designed for sawdust and not a 100 nm virus that only needs a few molecules to infect its victim. CDC and NIH officials have been emailed 10 months ago with a suggestion to improve half face respirators with P100 filter cartridges on both intake and exhaust valves to insure maximum protection of the wearer and the public. What about it Doc? Would it be better protection for all of us and limit the viral load in patients to design respirators for a virus instead of dust?

  2. It’s about world overpopulation problems and the attitude of natural selection.
    But that would be giving us too much.
    The mind and decision making of the wicked husbandmen….how they can sleep at night.

  3. I think that if people consider the workers in meat packing plants, communities without clean or running water, the value placed on the economy the realization is that for those in power only their lives matter, everyone else is disposable. The only difference is their choice of levels of disposability. Skin tone and religion are just excuses to create fights among those that have no other reason for conflict. As long as we keep each other down we will not achieve the education, Healthcare, and income we deserve. If I was in the south, especially. Texas I would be marching on the capitol, etc. For a revolution today. How many people will die due to Texas government. Incompetence? Clearly southern states only want about 10% of the population to vote with the policies they are putting in place. You should be protesting! We will never be free of the trumps, McConnell, and Cruzes of the world. If Trump or anyone like him gets elected in 2024 we can expect to have 100,000s of thousand dead annually from a still present covid, etc.

  4. There is no white privilege. It is Rich Privilege. Poor people are of all colors and all poor people get kicked down. Why does this channel continue to race bait?

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