Dr. Peter Hotez Explains The Trajectory Of The Coronavirus In The U.S. | All In | MSNBC


  1. t’rump’s plan to stop the spread of a deadly virus? 🤔
    Pretend it doesn’t exist and then make Pence deal with it.
    Now that’s leadership! 😄😆🤣

    1. @mike conley From what I’ve heard, there a risk it can get through hazmat suits and the like. Cleaning your hands and avoiding touching your face are good steps though.

    2. @Drake Fire I agree, im just trying not to be hyperbolic, and turn people off. Those Chinese doctors that are dying were completely suited up in most cases.

    1. yep cos trump supoporters are generally less well off than most people and pair that with americas awful private healthcare, it will decimate them

  2. Can someone please inform that orange orangutan that the world is familiar with the flu. It’s not a stranger to the world. Plus we have a vaccine for the flu. The coronavirus however, is a complete stranger to the world. And we currently have no vaccine for the coronavirus. Now Just imagine how many more people would die from the flu every year if we weren’t familiar with it, and if we didn’t have a vaccine for it.

  3. First, Trump appointed Pence so he can throw him under the bus if it spreads and dump him before the election.
    Second, Pence is now very busy with this, trying to figure out how to blame it’s spread on the LGBTQ community.

  4. A pretty good piece sourcing someone who knows a bit about the issue. Repeating the words of the CDC about us needing to be prepared for having this virus disrupt everyday life. Not cause for panic, but sensible to take measures.

  5. What is importantly MISSING : information on 1st symptoms (and how to treat) , which VECTORS are likely to be contagious? (e.g. bus seats, doorknobs, eating utensils and dining areas, clothing, hands, etc?? and what about manufactured /shipped items?? ). Is this possibly spread via ventilation systems?? and exactly WHICH disinfectants and methods are effective? (and which are NOT?). as a retired health professional, I’m SHOCKED that such information is NOT readily available…broadcast far and wide!? In fact, it is nearly or impossible to find out! This is irresponsible and dangerous!

    1. Connie Stone Reports from Chinese researchers is that the virus can survive up to nine days on most surfaces. The number one thing you can do for yourself and others is up the number of times in a day that you wash your hands. As soon as you get to work and after every break and make sure it is the first thing you do when you get home after any trip to the store, etc.

  6. Trust: experts, scientists, the CDC, public health officials, reality
    Don’t trust: anything 45* and his toadies spew

  7. Great interview. I agree that was extremely informative. I don’t trust Impeached trump or pence period. All pence will do is repeat anything Impeached trump says which for me is not very reassuring.

  8. This may be scary but one long term positive may be the development of an effective treatment for the common cold since they’re both coronaviruses.

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