1. On the one hand Fox News hosts are telling their viewers that they should not take medical advice from news hosts while promoting totally unproven treatments to the same viewers? Are they for real? And they are so insistent on questioning Dr Fauci’s integrity based on alleged conflict of interests, perhaps they should tell their viewers that they either own or don’t own any of the stock in the companies that make those drugs.

    1. I’m curious, on MSM 😁I’ve seen oodles of videos of hospital ceos, ER doctors, infectious disease doctors, cdc people, even nurses, patients who’ve survived, the families of the ones that didn’t, etc. I was wondering, who does FOX NEWS invite to interview at their news station?

    2. @Día Lani Because the medical advice they would offer doesn’t fit the narrative the Fox wants to project to their viewers. To do so would lose them viewership. Public service be damned (except when the Fox legal department steps in).

    3. @D Mac true just like what happened to Trump during his speech and he tried to slip in vaccines. So sad they gotta come away from Fox News to learn what’s really going on.

  2. Obstructionists will be obstructionists to fulfill their idea of anarchy in which they’ve prepared for.

  3. This is the main one we use in new zealand 🇳🇿 and it’s pretty strict when using any form of medications or vaccines in our country for medical approval, I was happy to wait for approval of the vaccine before our whole family got fully vaccinated

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply people are just to lazy to research things especially if it’s something medical…this push of ivermectin started last year August /September….it was on alot of youtube channels…the makers of ivermectin Merck & Co have been had issues with lawsuits but are a go to place for medications used in federal hospitals…

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply new zealand doesn’t have money thats why people go overseas to chase the money and that’s why investing in new zealand 🇳🇿 can be hard as we are heavily regulated with health and safety compared to overseas companies only in it for the quick buck don’t last long and we have to many watch dogs and companies are named and shamed when they don’t follow the laws of the country

    1. @Pohaku Mana please tell me you didn’t just give the molecular formula as the “ingredient” in hydroxychloroquine 😂

    2. @Kazadi Kashama Why I didn’t get vaccinated. I had covid-19 back in Dec 2019, before the outbreak. A lot of people had it, but doctors had the instruction to not provide any prescription for it, because they didn’t know what it was.
      With time we confirmed the outbreak, we found out older people living in residences were the most vulnerable folks, but kids were okay.
      So at the very beginning, I ask myself, what people produce less with time. This is were I’ve noticed what elders & handicaps had in common, “inactivity”.
      If you don’t move much, you lose muscle mass, if you lose muscle mass, there’s less muscle cells to produce ATP by ADP. So elder folks cells has less energy than cells from active individuals.
      Then I’ve search for an over the counter molecule which can help increasing the ATP synthesis. Then, I found in the Vitamin B complex, the NAD+, which is a Niacinamide part of the vitamin B3.
      I was already good in breaking any flu symptoms by consuming Zinc with vitamin D3, right at the first symptoms of flu. But with this pandemic, to be asymptomatic and to have fast relief, elder folks should take a one daily dosage of Vit B3 per week, and take one dosage of Zinc & D3 at the first flu signs and another dosage of *Zinc+B3+D3* in a cycle of 12 hours. But for general active folks, a daily dosage of Zinc B3 D3 at the first flu signs with one secondary dosage after 12 hours, just to guarantee full relief.
      Since I put my entire family on it, none of us got sick nor need vaccination, which is why I won’t take it even if it’s mandatory.
      Because it’s impossible science doesn’t know we can make it with over the counter supplements and minerals. So what’s the real agenda?
      Look, Dr. Charles Brenner commercialized their own version of vitamin B3. His team was right to claim their molecule could help reduce the severity of this virus. However, his company was blocked by the FDA for violation of FD&C Act and the FTC Act.

  4. Not one of the people who told me they’re not taking the vaccine because it’s not FDA approved is going to take it after approval. They’re just going to keep moving the goal posts. Nuts.

  5. Ah why was it the right who started miss info consider most black people are unvaccinated most are demo-crates

  6. I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who said they would get it if FDA approved didn’t expect it to happen this quickly… and for non-clinical reasons 🙄

    1. They won’t they don’t even know the DIFFERANCE between emergency use authorization and FDA approved….and the differance all is One of the smallest things that people wouldn’t even notice….it’s just warning labeling and packaging…both emergency use authorization and FDA approved use the same clinical studies to make a decision

  7. Ivermectin is for animals that have parasites and people are overdosing and having adverse reactions because the dosing is for large animals like horses …

  8. Make the antivaxxers deal with their informed, adult decisions by making a bright-line rule that keeps the expensive (at taxpayer expense) monoclonal antibody treatment reserved for only those who were ineligible to get vaccinated in the 1st place, the immune compromised and the rare symptomatic break-thru infections!

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