Dr Raulston Nembhard Discusses the Pandemic vs Elections – September 3 2020

Dr Raulston Nembhard Discusses the Pandemic vs Elections - September 3 2020 1


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2 Comments on "Dr Raulston Nembhard Discusses the Pandemic vs Elections – September 3 2020"

  1. Listening to what that guy is saying it is all nonsense,he is a bit bias. Because the question that what was asked of him, he is trying to dodged it.Because the constitution of Jamaica all general is dued,in each 5 years according to the laws. The reason why the PM Andrew Holness called the election, because the United States is calling their.
    But the difference between the two countries, the United States is dued by the laws. Just election is not dues until next year 2021,so there was time to rush at all. Because the difference between the two countries is the United States, having early voting of 14 days. Where you can votes any where in your county, plus you can request your ballot.Where you can mail it,or you can drop it off at the supervisor office.
    Jamaica does not have those kinds of luxury, plus Jamaica is a day election. After the medical personnels advised the JLP party government ministers them, that it is too dangerous for an election in this coronavius disease. But the JLP party government ministers them refused to listened, because they are only following everything that the United States is doing. T&T called their election I don’t know on what grounds they called it at all,and now they are paying the consequences for it.
    What is so ironic about some of these Jamaican who is coming from poor families, as soon as they reached somewhere in life. They all forgot who helped to have a high school education, and a university degree. The PNP party government implemented common entrance for poor children like,all those JLP party government ministers them. So I don’t why this guy does not answer the straight forward question, more than beating around the bushes.
    If it wasn’t for the PNP party comrade Dr Peter Phillips does, who asked the Cuban doctors them for helped.Because the JLP party government ministers them refused to asked the Cuban doctors for helped, because the United States government told them not to.Cuba is our nearest neighbour so I don’t see why the JLP party government ministers them, is resentful from asking for helped. Because the Jamaican doctors does not know how to control diseases, because they are not trained like the Cuban doctors them. They been working all over the world as some of the best in the world, the Jamaican doctors does not know the intricacies about the diseases control .It the PNP party did left it up to the stupid JLP party government ministers them, there would be weeping and mourning the loss of lives of people. Because the Jamaican doctors them does not have the capability to control the diseases, I listened to a few of them talking all these nonsense. So what that is saying is all nonsense, because him cannot do nothing although. I hear the panel calling him Dr Raulston Nembhard,is he a real doctor or. A counterfeit like the minister of health Dr Tufton, they are calling in Dr Tufton and. He is not no real medical doctor, I noticed a few people as of late is called. Like the minister of finance Dr Nigel Clarke,in the United States. Where I am living millions of people holds a doctorate degrees, and is not really a big thing as Jamaica. Because of the classesism in Jamaica over the decades, there should be no election in this coronavius disease time. After the election it is going to spread like wildfire, in the United States is spreading like a wildfire. At 1st I was taking it very simple, but is when I saw what is going on. I am really convinced that it is very dangerous, killing thousands of people worldwide, in the United States the total is almost 7million affected with the coronavius disease. The majority of the people in the United States is suffering big time, I don’t know when this country is turned around for years. I am living in the United States almost 30years now, what really saves me. Because I am retired now, because the company I was working with, locked down from March. The United States need some really good help from the Cuban them, only because of politics.
    I don’t know how Jamaica is going to manage, because they are depending too much on the United States need help big time now.

  2. We r suppose to be free in our country enjoying our country…unuh open the airport and let dem in….. unuh put politics our lives…these politicians feed off the poor

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