Dr. Redlener: 'Whatever's Holding You Back' From Getting A Vaccine 'Put That Away' 1

Dr. Redlener: ‘Whatever’s Holding You Back’ From Getting A Vaccine ‘Put That Away’


Dr. Irwin Redlener discusses the importance of getting vaccinated from the coronavirus and how it helps avoid hospitalizations. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. Redlener: 'Whatever's Holding You Back' From Getting Vaccine 'Put That Away'


    1. @crusaderesper thats not true. Its still 99% survival rate. I dontbcare about cases, only about deaths. And most of the hospitalizations now in some places are from fully vaxxed people. Put that in your pipe and smoke it

    2. @Simple Stump I had Covid-19 a year and a half ago and was deathly ill for 2 months. Sure I survived but it was a rough ride I don’t want to repeat. Until you catch this beast you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    1. @Jordan 7 And you should learn how English works, otherwise your posts make you look like a fool.

    2. @Frank Kelley Well, how about facts that we’ve all acknowledged. For example, why was the mainstream media and Fauci insisting that this was a natural virus in the beginning? Is that conspiracy theory to you too bud? That’s actually fact….

    1. @Teach 75 But Biden said it was 100% effective, so it must be true. Why would he lie? Joe Biden always tells the truth 100% of the time!! Ask Corn Pop!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    2. @Universal Earthling WTF are you even talking about? Pfizer is highly effective in preventing serious illness as 99.2% of the people being hospitalized and dying with Covid-19 are UN-vaccinated.

  1. The more they push, insist, shame, guilt, and entice, the more I feel like ulterior motives are at play.

    1. @Michael Kelly i do, thats why I wear an n95, use hand sanitizer, sterilize groceries, and self isolate. Im staying away from their lab grown virus and their lab grown vaccine to fight their lab grown virus. Its all dangerous so I use proper ppe.

    2. The reality is there isn’t one person that is going to hide from covid. It’s here to stay. It’s going to bounce around and find you regardless how many people get vaccinated. The facts we currently have from doctors is the vaccinated have a far less severe time. Meanwhile the impacts of covid on the lungs are frightening for long term. You can be scared of a shot, but not from the virus that has been proven to have life threatening impacts?

    3. @B Management No side effects of vaccines ever arise after years. It’s not in your body anymore by then. It;s gone after a few weeks, so if no side effects happen in that time, then they won’t happen.

    1. It is all a lie….cooties r gonna get you… I have not seen one person get sick or fall down besides a common cold… where they messed up was they didn’t go on with the initiative and do what they’re going to do here in September and October last September and October… every great battle 1 was done when the initiative was set once they backed off they lost

    2. @John Barber you really having to resort to making things up now? That literally never happened to her, unlike many right wing media stars.

    3. @NL’s Lucky Egg Rachel Maddow told Americans at 6pm on November 8th, 2016. That Trump couldn’t win the election. She illegally obtained Trump’s 2005 tax return, & read it, without looking at it 1st. It showed that Trump paid the proper taxes. She said that the medical ships Trump was sending to N.Y. & California. Couldn’t get there in 3 weeks, when Trump said 3 days. The ships were in port in 3 days. Facts, not your B 💩 propaganda.

    4. @NL’s Lucky Egg 🤣🤣🤣 You can literally look it up a see a Judge deemed her “Tabloid TV”, 🤡

  2. What’s holding me back from getting the jab?? MY BRAIN!! COMMON SENSE! Some friends who DID get the jab are sick with rash and fever, one had a stroke, another has ear infections.

  3. Whatever’s holding you back from revoking the drug manufacturers’ liability waiver, put that away. Oh, you won’t revoke it?

    1. That ‘immunity’ was from long before Covid19 was ever heard of.
      Liability for *ALL* vaccines is covered by the VICP.
      VICP aka The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a no-fault alternative to the traditional legal system for resolving vaccine injury petitions.
      It was created in the 1980s, after lawsuits against vaccine companies and health care providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and reduce U.S. vaccination rates, which could have caused a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.
      Vaccine makers were threatening to stop making vaccines because of all the frivolous lawsuits from the autism anti vaxxer bunch. If that had happened then we would be up to our necks in polio and smallpox and measles, the way we were before vaccines.

    2. @Easy Money if the companies which created those old vaccines had a patent on them, they must be expired by now. Someone else could manufacture those vaccines if need be..

  4. It’s strange how people who lined up to take an experimental injection are now blaming those who didn’t take it if their experiment did not work for them. Seems a lot like projection.

    1. I begrudgingly and reluctantly got the stupid 2 sticks. I had no choice really. If I did have a choice I wouldn’t have gotten them. If you didn’t get vaccinated yet DON’T.

  5. Building up natural immunity and a naturally strong immune system that isn’t pumped up with synthetic stuff is holding me back and I should throw that away?

    1. Just to share my experience, I was vaccinated with the Pfizer brand in Feb/Mar. I just game down with Covid about 10 days ago. I typically get out and do 3.5 miles a day and only had to take one day off because of a sore throat. Otherwise, other than staying home most of the time, it has not been an issue.

    2. @The Morose Pittbull “Same thing here.” Except different. So if nothing happened yet then you’re in the clear, right? I’m beginning to see why the US is ranked so low academically

    3. @Mike Barry Wumao,
      You have over a thousand comments with a 7 month old profile?
      Not everyone has been dumbed down by communist education

    1. @Matt Thompson , if freedom of speech survives, then they shouldn’t be run out of the country. They have every right to spew their crap.

  6. What’s putting me back is all the dishonesty going on in the media the White House and by most of you so-called specialist.

  7. Yes master oh wait I can make my own decisions.The only people that I know that are actually sick have had the vaccine. But it’s my fault that they’re sick even though I’ve never been sick.

  8. Don’t expect a balanced discussion from mainstream media. They are in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies that spend vast sums advertising with them.

  9. Apparently the pharma companies are getting between $28-$35 dollars per vaccine. How much does that come to ?

  10. You can’t say it’s a “reliable shield” against hospitalization and death when healthy, vaccinated people are still catching Covid and being hospitalized and dying.

    If being unvaccinated renders the same result as being vaccinated then what is the point of being vaccinated.

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