Dr. Scott Gottlieb Talks Vaccine Misinformation, Possible Mandates 1

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Talks Vaccine Misinformation, Possible Mandates

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the spike in coronavirus cases among unvaccinated communities nationwide. He explains vaccine misinformation, the prospects of vaccine and mask mandates as the Delta variant spreads, the safety of vaccines for kids, and what breakthrough Covid-19 cases show about vaccine effectiveness. "The vaccines do work," he stresses.

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Former FDA Commissioner Talks Vaccine Misinformation, Possible Mandates


  1. Also, if Mark will police the small media platforms then let Mark police the major new networks too.

  2. Oh, look at me, I’m Dr Scott Gottlieb AND. I. KNOW. EVERYTHING! WOOOOOOO I can’t believe how big and important I am! I’m Dr Science, and I know more than you do! Blah, blah, blah…

    Danger Will Robinson! Dr Gottlieb is a raging queen and he’s out of his cage! Danger!

  3. Yeah who is going to stop these doctors from spreading misinformation? They should be prosecuted.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH they shouldn’t. The government has given you no reason to. But then again it’s not a black or a white thing. The Oracle said the only way through, is together.

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH the elites hate blacks. Never trust them. Remember the tuskegee experiment

  4. The government is working with social media companies to censor “misinformation”(i.e. information that goes against the narrative of the elites).

    Those don’t seem like a “private companies” to me. Sounds to me like Big Tech needs to be broke up…

    1. Wow, so cynical! Couldn’t it be that there trying to End this deadly pandemic, giving the best information they have at the time. No narrative at this time. Do the research yourself, it could save your life or the life of a loved one. I’m not pushing vaccines, your choice just inform yourself with credible info. Stay Safe

    2. @Stormie The danger of the virus is exaggerated(mortality risk is extremely low in the young and in those without comorbidities), and they are preying on the fear that they themselves exaggerated in order to get people to agree witch social media censorship. Im sorry that you fell for it.

  5. If you allow the government to break the law during an “emergency”, they will create an “emergency” to continue to break the law.

    1. I’m betting if you went to public school you got a measles vaccine because you couldn’t go if you weren’t. I’m sorry that you do not understand what your rights and responsibilities are.

    2. @Ronald King The vaccine with decades and decades of testing and tweaking. That vaccine? See the difference?

  6. Imagine a virus so deadly you have to take a test to know if you have it
    And then Imagine a “vaccine” so desired, you have to be persuaded, threatened, fired, bribed and stalked to take it

    1. I already gave you the link to excess deaths and yet you still persist with this nonsense. You still haven’t explained how those people unexpectedly died.

  7. Your daily reminder: I’m donating my experimental vaccine and I’m not a Republican…nor Democrat

  8. The “vaccines” have never been FDA approved, they’ve been authorized for emergency use, which means they’re a medical experiment. Is this misinformation?

    1. @Ronald King It means their is no long term statistics to back up the safety of the vaccine but based on current evidence we feels it’s safe enough for the general public.

    2. @Matt T Compared to the risk of the disease. What’s funny is that compared to a normal vaccine, which requires a manufacturer to remove the dangerous parts of a disease, the mRNA tells cells what to make, which informs the immune system. If you don’t understand, it means thinks like the manufacture problems of the polio vaccine, where they failed to remove the portions of the disease that gave people polio, don’t happen. The cells don’t know the dangerous part to make it where as traditional vaccines required humans to remove it, and sometimes, they failed.

    3. @Ronald King Unfortunately, time is the issue. Until there has been 4 years worth of data to trust. The people who aren’t getting the vaccine, won’t get it. At least not for a disease that’s 99.7%

  9. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference. You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

    Is this misinformation?

  10. When they say misinformation what they really mean is, anything that goes against their narrative

  11. Are we forgetting that Kamala Harris said that she would never get vaccinated?
    She may have changed her mind later but the lasting effects on my follow black community has been devastating.

  12. Political hack Gottlieb added “Of course we want big tech monopolies to censor any concerns about the Biden administration’s own misinformation and propaganda. It’s what all totalitarian socialist dictatorships do!”

  13. Why doesn’t MSNBC report on the protests in France, Greece, and Australia???? People around the world are protesting against government tyranny and mandates.

  14. I never intended to participate in the clinical trials, however when the governor of my state proudly offered free tacos for those who we’re willing, I became even more certain….to never get a Fowchie Owchie

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