1. Bureaucrats pointing to the politicians, politicians pointing to the bureaucrats. Weak leadership all around.

    1. GOT covid a month ago with very mild symptoms, i was fine on day 3 and without any vaxx,…I would take this over a stomach flu

  2. Have you seen the Grand Jury, Dr. Tam?
    Have you seen the Grand Jury, dear reader?
    Have you seen the Grand Jury, honourable police officers?
    Have you seen the Grand Jury, honourable AG’s?
    Have you seen the Grand Jury, honourable Justices/Judges?
    If so, then I question your honour, your integrity, your sincerity, and your authority.
    “Who claims ‘i’ property?” 🙂

    1. probably not to give the answers that you want to hear, only the answers that the data and science actually point to, if you are not capable of understanding that? well, that would be YOUR problem…

  3. Top doctor in Canada basically admitting her opinion is irrelevant. I thought this is the person Trudeau was listening to when imposing mandates.

    1. ​@Brandon Hill did you lose someone in your family to covid 19? if so I’m really sorry to hear that

    2. @canadian guy 1981 fortunately, i did not, but there are a great many who did, and i am not unfeeling to their pain…

    1. You’re obviously waiting for Dr. Kyrie Irving and Dr. Aaron Rodgers to weigh in. They are the real experts.

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