Dr. Tam says COVID-19 exposed 'inequalities' in the healthcare system 1

Dr. Tam says COVID-19 exposed ‘inequalities’ in the healthcare system


Dr. Theresa Tam delivers her annual report on the state of public health in Canada, calling for a more sustained approach to the pandemic.

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  1. You know what inequalities covid exposed? The inequality between private sector employees (who were largely affected negatively financially) and government/public sector employees (who largely retained their salaries and employment).

    This government is bloated and hypocritical with its crusades against purported inequalities.

  2. There is nothing ‘unbiased’ about Dr. Tam. How about we talk about an actual action plan instead of this political rhetoric? It’s time for Tam to be fired.

    1. What she is talking about is based on a preponderance of evidence you need only search the therm social determinants of health on google scholar to find well researched information on the subject. What she is talking about has little to do with politics it is common knowledge in the field of public health. Just because we happen to have a progressive prime minister and that his view happen to coincide with the field of public health doesn’t mean the field of public health is political.

    2. @Olivier pilon rousseau I trust you are well aware of her connection to the WHO and their political influences around the world. If you are not concerned about this relationship between our senior most health official and top WHO executives then I do believe this conversation is not going to make a difference in your world view.

      I wish you well.

  3. First inequity that needs to be addressed is with the elites who don’t need to follow the rules they impose on the rest of the country..

  4. Although I’m tired of hearing any Covid news. If you really want to talk about Covid, can you at least say something that does matter? Not everything needs to be social justice.

    1. @bananian I’m getting the strong impression that you don’t really even know why you don’t like him.

    2. @J Power Trudeau works for CCP! As long as CCP is still alive, this devil will keep sending the CCPVirus to the world. Trudeau conspire with CCP, that’s why the virus is getting worse and worse in Canada!

    3. @Hell ghost Slayer I work for justice. CCP is devil, Joe Biden conspire with CCP, but there are many official documents expose him; however in Canada everything is hide.

  5. How is it there is NOT EVEN ONE possible comment that I have been able to find. The lies have to stop. Time to throw these idiots out. Not just out of their offices but maybe out of the country.

  6. This was so revolting I could barely listen to to the end. Canadians have to stop being ‘nice’. All businesses ought to open up and defy the tyrannical lockdowns. I’m in!

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