Dr. Tam weighs in on reopening economy, schools 1

Dr. Tam weighs in on reopening economy, schools


Dr. Theresa Tam responds to question on whether it is safe to reopen schools and the economy amid concerns over asymptomatic transmission.

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  1. lol woulda got tested when i had a cold a month ago.. but i know its probably the bat flu now so no way i get tested . no way they put a barcode on my wrist !

    1. @Eh Ess not really sure what you mean.. when someone lies to you do you always just go along with whatever they want from you?

  2. Tam should be charged with crimes….arrested and thrown in jail or extradited.
    she’s a fraud working for China

  3. I have watched Tam for several weeks, and I am certainly not impressed with anything that she has said or done. She’s completely clueless.

    1. Markus Buelow she says what she is told to say by the CCP. She still has relatives in China.

  4. Again a health care worker dies today, and sunny brook hospital is quick to point out that the lady caught it in the community. This is the third time this has happened since the start of the outbreak. This is what front line workers can expect from the institutions they work for. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

  5. Dr Tam ignored advice from Taiwan around how contagious this virus is and advised against closing down travel from China as this was the advise from WHO. After making this extremely large error it’s hard to take any further advice. Taiwan still has only 439 cases and 6 deaths.

  6. Many Canadians have tuned out Dr. Tam since it became clear she was wrong not to advise closing borders in late January or through February and she was wrong with her advice against the general public wearing masks. Many Canadians now just trust their provincial and territorial public health authorities now as the recommendations for Toronto and Montreal are much different than for smaller cities or towns.


  8. They only opening buisness that caters to the wealthy… marinas ,golf courses, fishing ,cottages. Construction so they can get there houses fixed. No camping tho or roller blaring through a park. But jetskiing is okay

  9. Tam has a terrible habit of talking around things. I find it hard to listen to her ramblings…

  10. How about we hear from economic majors about the dangers of delaying business from opening.

  11. The reason she is still here is that we don’t do anything,she should have consequences against her for a few issues regarding covid-19.

  12. Oh great first she said no mask then mask then this then that? I wonder if she even know what she is taking about! And she is a Top doctor ? lol thx to her and WHO that mess up this world!

  13. For someone who is “A” political she has a lot of political stances and lacks sound science

  14. We are not ready for schools when we are still having outbreaks. Keep your kids safe.

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