Dr. Vin Gupta Fights Back Against Damaging Vaccine Narrative | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Dr. Vin Gupta Fights Back Against Damaging Vaccine Narrative | Deadline | MSNBC


Health policy expert Dr. Vin Gupta discusses the damaging consequences of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation, and stresses the need for every American to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Dr. Vin Gupta Fights Back Against Damaging Vaccine Narrative | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. God forbid that people make their own choices with accurate information. Better to use a “narrative” to manip… convince them.

    1. But you anti-vaxxers aren’t using accurate information. Even here, you aren’t providing evidence against these vaccines but instead pretending that the doctor is trying to manipulate you with the facts. Go back to Fox news or learn how to think.

    2. @jollyandwaylo There is a history of failures (fatal) in gene therapies – what the mRNA vaccine is. But don’t take my word for it – look it up.

      Because the mRNA vaccines are working is one of the most exciting bits of new biology ever. But it is also very radical and totally new. And that also makes it scary.

      There are lots of people who are just anti-vaxers because their neighbor is, but others who see that the data just isn’t complete yet – as you’d expect in a complete FDA process.

      Warning: Death can be fatal.

    3. @Jack Martinelli Turn off Fox News and Hannity since that is where I heard that moron say that the vaccine is gene therapy. IT ISN’T. Why do you right wingers just blindly follow your main stream media so much?

    1. What an ignorant statement. Death is 100%. So far so is the result of taking this vaccine to avoid the hospital and death from covid.

    2. @Xavier Zave You know: 100% of the the people saying “nothing is 100%” are just not as smart as they think.

    3. @Xavier Zave It is only 100% effective against preventing deaths so far. I would imagine somewhere in the world their will be some people that still die since there are 9 billion people on the planet. So far so good. Do you some reason to think that can’t be true or are you just guessing without any information?

  2. Well, the controversy in Europe wasn’t about blood clots in general but about sinus vein thrombosis in the brain, and those are extremly rare but have occurred more often in recently vaccinated younger women, it has since been shown to be a real side effect, but one of those 1:100.000 kind of side effects drugs tend to have and nobody normally cares about.

    1. Actually it has not been shown conclusively as one of the known effects of COVID-19 is blood clotting and the immunisation effect does not occur until after that period, and your figure of 1:100,000 is off by a factor of 18X under the actual report. It was 20 million vaccinations, 3 deaths and 11 cases of concern. That is 1:1,800,000. Deaths were 1:6,600,000. As I said in my own post. you have a 1:2,000,000 chance of dying in a car accident on the way to get vaccinated, about 3 1/2 higher than the shot you get to protect against a disease that has killed about 1:500 people.

    2. @The Centaur don’t get me wrong, i would take that vaccine in an instant. I only wanted to point to the special kind of thrombosis bc of which the vaccination was halted, my numbers are for that special kind, but they are rough estimates an expert quoted on the news, might well be that the actual report showed something different or our numbers are for different regions/types/etc.

    3. @majan Fair enough. I just have a lot of time I my hands and get to see the finer details. This particular concern troubles me because it is based upon cases of sinus vein thrombosis pre covid. COVID-19 causes blood clotting and any expert will tell you that it takes two weeks after the vaccination for immunity to begin. My nation will use this vaccine as the primary protection and the same points and statistical data I mentioned I have to bring up with my neighbours.

    4. @The Centaur
      You fail to factor in problems with reporting. It is probably not a coincidence that most of the cases were found in countries with excellent registration health services.
      Most countries are probably grossly under reported.

  3. Vaccines can have deadly side effects. This has been known in medicine for a while. When you have a vaccine that is experimental, and has immunity from lawsuits, one needs to weigh the risks themselves. Especially considering that the virus itself is not deadly to most of the population. Individual decisions should prevail, and when an “agenda” needs to occur to promote something, that seems suspect to me personally.

    1. Covid has deadly side effects too! These vaccines are not experimental, they have been well developed and studied. Go into quarantine and stay there if you are too selfish to protect yourself and .others

    2. @LLG Gunderson Well, don’t discount the possibility. The top Dr. in the US says a lot of words, and really doesn’t say anything. He recommends that you get the vaccine, and then continue to wear at least two masks. I’ve worked in the medical field with many people that dealt with microbiology, and telling the American public to “wear masks” without any qualifying remarks about eye coverings, the type of masks, the appropriate procedures for cleaning and decontamination, etc. is useless. Not everyone is educated in every field, and it is apparent that those that profess to be the most educated are typically the opposite.

    3. @gerardofb2994 Don’t forget it’s trumps fault, and global warming is causing people to be more racist.

    4. @Musket Merve Yes, it is easy since you are just parroting the typical ignorant conspiracy rantings.

  4. Is it a coincidence that Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson are all American companies. AstraZeneca is a British/ Swedish company … vaccine wars?? Just sayin’.

    1. The Pfizer vac is made by a German company, J&J by a Belgian subsidiary. There are no wars, just one dodgy company messing up.

  5. The cases NEED to be investigated, particularly when a 40 year old woman with no comorbidities and no known health issues drop dead within a few days after AZ shot, as happened in Norway.

    1. The only problem with the Astra Zenica vaccine was created by the EU to cover their incompetent inoculation program

  6. Doctors should be explaining that the astra-zeneka vaccine is a traditional vaccine, made the way we have made most other vaccines. It is not one of the new messenger RNA Vaccines.

    1. @Torsten Winkel
      Add that it’s heavily under reported in countries with worse health systems. Germany and Scandinavia have excellent reporting systems and it still takes time to find all the cases, which is what it’s all about at this point.
      Hopefully we get the reports at the end of this week and we can all go get vaccinated with the AZ.

      It’s tragic to hear countries that show due diligence and protect their populations being slammed for it.

    2. @Elaniago If you wont provide your sources then I will just guess. You probably got your sources from 4chan. If thats the case then im afraid to inform you that your sources might not be legit.

    3. @Pops
      You tried to be nice to me? Well, you did a very poor job, didn’t you. You should google “sarcasm” and educate yourself a little. Just a little bit mind you, I don’t believe you have much storage space.
      You should probably wipe your eyes from tears first and blow your nose.

      You’re just about the silliest troll I have seen in a long time. Quite funny, actually, but also very sad to think people like you are out there having a miserable life.

  7. Anyone in the medical field comes out against the vaccine are fired. There has been plenty of doctors who have spoken against the vaccine.

  8. I’m sure the vaccine is perfectly safe and will save lives but unfortunately the damage is already done.

  9. keeps one out of the hospital at 100%, and the rate of blood clots amongst those receiving the vaccine is lower than otherwise…but wait breaking news…the republicans are telling all media to go to the border and since their moral compass is not to be questioned, dr. surely you understand we’ve got to go!!!

  10. Respectfully, Dr. Vin Gupta can not guarantee any vaccine is 100% safe.
    Why?! Every individual has particular different DNA internal reactions to vaccines.
    Some individuals, are not able to take “certain vaccines” due to deadly allergic
    reactions. Dr. Vin Gupta can never guarantee… who might have allergic reactions
    to the Covid-19 vaccines, that might cause death or debilitating lifelong complications.
    Dr. Vin Gupta, should be “the medical professional” who promotes “First do no harm!”
    There has been several medical reports within the U.S. & overseas, concerning horrific
    allergic reactions & death shortly after taking some of these vaccines. Goggle for info.
    The misinformation, that Covid-19 vaccines are 100% safe… when most developers
    of vaccines qualify them as 79% effective, speaks volumes towards Dr. Vin Gupta’s
    “false assertion” that these Covid-19 vaccines are 100% safe. That’s not true!!!
    Additionally, there should be “questionable doubt” about vaccine makers guarantee
    of 100% protection from “severe disease & hospitalizations.” YEAH RIGHT!!!
    Furthermore, even when there’s this supposed “HERD IMMUNITY” shots accomplished
    by President Joe Biden’s administration…
    What about the numerous various deadly “new” variant strains of the pandemic…
    Covid-19?! None of these vaccine makers can guarantee 100% protection against,
    “new” variant strains from coronavirus.
    There’s more promotions & mass media information, about taking “booster shots.”
    There has already been “Medical Virologist” that researched & tested individuals who
    has taken “different vaccines” and has contracted the “new” more deadly variant strains
    of the Covid-19 virus and has sadly died. What is Dr. Vin Gupta’s medial opinion?!
    Dr. Vin Gupta, should be 100% accurate within his medical analysis, because people can
    listen to his advice and think, “WOW” everything is 100% safe concerning the Covid-19…
    vaccine shots. Dr. Vin Gupta, should never be so casual, when talking about “normal
    IN SOME PATIENTS. That’s fact not fiction.

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