Dr. Vin Gupta On Covid-19 Vaccine: 'It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Any Serious Adverse Events' | MSNBC 1

Dr. Vin Gupta On Covid-19 Vaccine: ‘It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Any Serious Adverse Events’ | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Chris Jansing is joined by Dr. Vin Gupta, MSNBC medical contributor and an affiliate assistant professor at The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, to discuss coronavirus vaccines as the U.K begins injecting their first citizens. Aired on 12/08/2020.
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Dr. Vin Gupta On Covid-19 Vaccine: 'It Doesn’t Look Like There’s Any Serious Adverse Events' | MSNBC


    1. Message to MAGA…the vote is rigged. Stay home don’t waste your time. Watch wrasslin and Televangelists and make sweet love to your kinfolk.

    1. No buybacks though your putting a potential virus in ur body. Last i heard it made this country do a bunch a half assed measures, the whole world shut down.

    1. @Okkie Trooy We already know COVID has a 99%+ survival rate. That doesn’t even warrant the risk of a vaccine.

    2. @Brobold No, we don’t. Mortality is higher than 1%, and even if a person doesn’t die, they are often left with damage to the lungs, heart, brain and kidneys. Those side effects of Covid infection are much greater, and more common, than anything seen with a similar vaccine for SARS, even after three years.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Mortality is not that high assuming 100% infection. NYC numbers show single digits in deaths for those without preexisting conditions.

  1. These lockdowns aren’t because of Democrats. They are because of negligence from Republicans who think the world ends, because of a mask

    1. @TurtleCheeky And all that arrogance is exactly why we are where we are as a country… you are not a patriot. You are apart of the problem if you are incapable of caring about anyone but yourself…

    2. @Alpha It’s so funny how you allow the people in power to get away with breaking their own rules. The rules that were in place for our “safety”. It’s fine for americans to suffer, lose their jobs, their source of income but you have no outrage for the hypocritical governors and mayors. In fact, you have outrage over a rando on the internet, who you don’t know personally at all.

      Keep bending the knee, I am far from the problem.

  2. The older population needs the vaccine the most. The testing on ppl over 55 has been delayed. We want to be sure that the ppl who are at the least risk of side effects are tested first. Following that the older ppl get their doses. The data for the older ppl is still being evaluated. I.e., it is STILL not clear that this vaccine is safe for the ppl who need it the most.

  3. “IT DOESN’T LOOK”! Coming from the “doctor” and you’re talking about the whole world! Dear God!


  4. In 1796 Edward Jenner, was an English physician and scientist who pioneered the concept of vaccines including creating the smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine.
    The terms vaccine and vaccination are derived from Variolae vaccinae, the term devised by Jenner to denote cowpox.
    The UK has a proud and very very experienced medical profession that’s trusted worldwide for being excellent in medical treatments.

  5. How and when will we know that the vaccines are actually making a difference in the USA and around the world?

    I do mean this as a question of doubt. I mean this as a question of observation. How will Humanity know that the vaccines are saving us?

    1. And so, during the trials, to what extent has the virus have been stopped in its tracks? It seems to me that we are already seeing benefit simply based on the trials. Is that correct?

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