Dr. Vin Gupta: President Should ‘Federalize’ Response To COVID-19 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. TrumpVirus deaths yesterday:

    New Zealand – 0
    The Netherlands – 0
    Finland – 0
    Austria – 0
    Norway – 0
    Iceland – 0
    South Korea – 0
    Vietnam – 0
    Thailand – 0
    China – 0
    Japan – 1
    Greece – 1
    Denmark – 1
    Czechia – 1
    Croatia – 3
    Switzerland – 3
    Portugal – 3
    Belgium – 3
    Spain – 3
    Canada – 4
    Australia – 5
    Germany – 5
    France – 10
    Italy – 10

    Hidalgo county in Texas – 33
    Texas – 212
    The USA – 1,150

    Trump “It’s just the sniffles”
    Trump “We have the lowest fatality rate in the world”
    Trump “The only reason our numbers are high is because of testing”
    Trump “Deaths are falling”
    Trump “We are the envy of the world right now”
    Trump “We’re doing a great job. We are winning the war against this virus”

    1. @Football Nerd
      One thing Foreigners and democrats keep saying is its the President’s fault. The 10th amendment protects each state from the Federal government. The governor is the only one who can open, close, or mandate orders in each state.
      No federal statute gives the president the authority to override state decisions.

    2. Yes Football Nerd!! I live in Texas next to Fort Hood and I use to live in the Rio Grande Valley and I am very worried for them!! Now a tropical storm is heading their way!!! Due to the tRump admin incompetence I bet no one there has even thought about hurricanes or fires in this pandemic and I have huge fears!!

    3. @SAMMY D if that was the case then how was he able to deploy the military into Portland Oregon. I’m confused. I think if your going to follow the rules, follow them don’t just pick n choose.

    4. @SAMMY D The buck stops with the president! Even lamo George W took responsibility! I guess your dictator in charge is too weak to do so!

  2. And kids don’t have to be tested before schools re-open as far as Trump is concerned…the madness on this Government is just beyond comprehension..

    1. It’s because there is no easy test. I don’t understand why they haven’t come out with a saliva test…even if its results are not accurate 100% of the time. It would be better than what we have now.

    2. @Zebra Zagadore well..in my country anyone can take a test and the result will be available within 48 hours tops..

    3. @Zebra Zagadore The WHO had great test that worked very well for South Korea. tRump refused those tests that were offered I guess because he was looking to make a buck from the testing!!

  3. I am not surprised that point of care tests that Trump promotes does not exist, he is such a tale teller.

  4. People sure know what Trump “should” do. He only wants to stay president to ride out the Statute of Limitations on at least some of his crimes. Being a sitting president is the only shred of legal protection he might have.

  5. Q: Is t’rump too lazy, too dumb, or just too incompetent to do the bare minimum when it comes to saving American lives?
    A: Yes.

    1. @Katherine Jones The sad thing is that he only started caring when the corona hit republican states and his voters. Not because he cares if they live or die, but because if they die, that’s fewer votes for his re-election.

    2. @Walter White
      This new video is allready “out” smartypants and if anybody gets in trouble over it its Elmhurst hospital and the New York government.

    3. @deee 327 …..not so loud partner. We have to keep this kinda quiet for now. Gates, Fauci, and myself need to keep the death numbers up so we can make billions on the vaccine.

  6. It should have been federalised from the beginning! Thats what happened in Australia. The leaders of each state came together as a national cabinet and agreed a plan. Thats why we have done so well.

    1. Trump wants to break Hitler’s and Stalin’s records for killing millions, in this case, Americans. He always wants to be considered “the best” at something.

  7. Yeah like 6 months ago. But #FailedTrump didn’t want to do the work or take the responsibility.

    1. Trump is horrible- he saves his kids life- but puts OUR kids at risk! enough is enough! Vote him OUT!

    2. Actually Barrons private school said they would be online only this year! Better believe melania won’t send him back to school but sadly she may giggle as we send our kids back to school!!

  8. That is the ‘REAL’ map of the covid spread,
    NOT the joke/ made up one that agolf twitler waved around at his ”’press conference”’!!!

    1. Yeah, I saw that and laughed. Of course the did not put infections on there. It was total propaganda for the base.

  9. There’s no magic for Trump again…..most Americans already see through him… vote BLUE all ballot

  10. The Fed should have been on top of this from the get go. You can’t fight a pandemic affecting the whole country with 50 different state solutions and thousands of different city solutions. Lock downs? all at once, EVERYWHERE. Reopening time table? only when new case levels are low and testing is adequate for contact tracing EVERY WHERE, Rules for SLOW reopening? mandatory masks, hand sanitizer and distancing EVERY WHERE, We have proved a piece meal approach guided by politics doesn’t work. Other countries have proven that a centrally coordinated approach does work. Tough problems require tough measures and screw the consequences.

  11. I am trying to figure out if Trump is a psychopath,or a sociopath by their most common markers and i think he checks pretty much all the boxes.

  12. This should have been a federal response from the beginning. The failure of leadership is astounding. You can’t fight 50 individual battles. We need a cohesive effort. He’s declared himself a war time President…..when’s the last time Montana went to war alone🤔😷

  13. Trump doesn’t get to work until 11 am in the morning and leaves at 5 PM. Of 6 hours he only works 4 hours a day. He doesn’t spend enough time working to figure anything out

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