Dr. Vin Gupta: Risk Of Transmission For Most Vaccinated People ‘Zero’ 1

Dr. Vin Gupta: Risk Of Transmission For Most Vaccinated People ‘Zero’


Kasie Hunt is joined by Dr. Vin Gupta to discuss transmission of COVID-19 and risks for unvaccinated young children in light of reports of breakthrough cases among vaccinated people in Israel caused by the spread of the Delta variant. He says that the CDC has released guidance that “even if you test positive for coronavirus after you are fully vaccinated, the chances you could transmit the virus to say an unvaccinated child at home is basically zero unless you are in the immunocompromised category.”

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Dr. Vin Gupta: Risk Of Transmission For Most Vaccinated People ‘Zero’


  1. Wow. No covid misinformation comments. Is YT doing better or is the YT community still running point?

    1. yes 5 companies ownjng all of the news. not employing any journalist. just people sitting around reading scripts is news and facts. they would never blatantly lie or omit facts. epstien totaly killed himself. go eat more fast food, your a smart person that knows better….

    1. Only if you’re not in contact with people that may get sick. Your body may not be a carrier but it’s on your clothes in your hair etc the surfaces you touch. I still wear mine as does my family because a mutation that gets around the vaccine barrier is always a threat.

    2. The CDC wants you to go barefaced, so they will know when breakthrough infections are great enough to warrant boosters. If you want to be part of that nonclinical trial, go for it.

    3. Israel is 85% fully vaccinated. 50% of covid cases are occurring in fully vaccinated people. So Israel has brought back masks when indoors. They are handling covid more intelligently than the US. They don’t have to deal with all the miseducated antivaxers that the US does.

  2. Any *REAL* scientist or doctor understands there is no such thing as “zero” probablity. This is why fake news is called fake.

  3. According to CDC as of 28 June . 154 million fully vaccinated and only around 900 people have died that are fully vaccinated . That’s a very low %

    1. @Jeremy Kastrup we’re in the season of God’s blessings, don’t let the evildoers steal your present.

  4. I’m totally pro vaccine but I know several people in UK who have caught covid after double vaccination. Scotland is having a major major spike in cases we are worst in Europe right now but the hospitalisations icu and deaths are not increasing and remaining low at the moment. Scotland has double vaccinated around 50% of the adult population and about 70% of adult have had at least 1 dose.

    1. @J Kerr people who have been double vaxxed can also die . Granted in America it’s about 900 out over 150 million but nobody is truly out of the woods . All these weirdos boasting they’ve been double vaccinated shouldn’t be so sure .

    2. It all depends upon which vaccine you received. Isn’t the less effective Astrazeneca vaccine the main vaccine in use in the UK? And haven’t second doses been delayed beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations there? The data he is citing comes from Israel, where the Pfizer vaccine was properly given to most people over 16. Unless immunocompromised, infected fully vaccinated individuals showed a very low viral load, and no viral shedding.

    3. @Deborah Freedman in UK we are are getting all 3 brands. I got the pfizer one. Also AZ isn’t being given to under 40s, which seems to be due to the clotting worry.
      . None of them have been claimed to me 100% but pfizer has been pitted at the top. The vaccine rollout in UK is working but the detla varient is ripping through the country because Boris didn’t put India on the red list in time…. Back in April he Left it 3 weeks to get into the country and spread, this was for political reasons as Pakistan was on red list b4 India and it was less effected at that time. . Think last I read 96% of vcaaeas are delta varient now in UK. .vaccine appears to be holding back deaths to a very low number etc…. Until it mutates again……

    1. The data Gupta cites is from Israel, where most over 16 are already vaccinated. That country has begun vaccinating those over 12 now, which should bring the numbers down.

  5. The vaccines are 92% or better for most people. The second dose is important and possible third dose may eventually come. People with natural immunity from being infected with the virus in recovery do not need the vaccine and do not need boosters they are immune and they will be for a lifetime.

    1. @Don Ross The whole idea behind a vaccine is to get it to mirror the antibodies,
      T and b cells that come from a natural infection. The science of vaccines is truly that simple.

    2. @Dante Jackson According to Johns Hopkins University natural immunity is 95% effective against covid-19 and vaccine immunity is 90 to 92% effective against covid-19. They also said that both natural and vaccine immunity should be long-lasting. Johns Hopkins University also stated that that natural or vaccine immunity will protect you against the Delta variant. The study is online.

  6. There isn’t enough study for this Doctor to make such claims about testing positive after vaccination

    1. Not European or American data, but there is more than enough Israeli data, where most of the population over 16 is already vaccinated.

  7. The comments by the doctor seem to contradict with some of the data is saying. I’ve never seen any official report saying there’s zero risk of spreading the virus if you’re vaccinated.
    This is the type of information that gets people confused and disgusting but sad. They really need to take responsibility and be more consistent because statements like this can be misunderstood, tragically.

  8. In other words, if you still refuse to get vaccinated, you put everyone else and their children at risk, and also you give the virus room to keep changing until it becomes even more deadly.

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