Dr. Vin Gupta Stresses The Importance Of Vaccine Verification In Opening Businesses | MSNBC 1

Dr. Vin Gupta Stresses The Importance Of Vaccine Verification In Opening Businesses | MSNBC


Dr. Vin Gupta joins Morning Joe to discuss U.S. vaccination efforts, his recommendations for keeping safe while dining and in crowds and the need for 'vaccine verification'.

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Dr. Vin Gupta Stresses The Importance Of Vaccine Verification In Opening Businesses | MSNBC


  1. Joe, we are reopening! Maybe those closed businesses did close for good and that’s why they haven’t reoponed. I don’t know where you live, but small businesses in my area of Colorado have been reopened for months with certain public health restrictions. Btw, I really don’t like being back with lots of people in airports, city streets, and restaurants, now that I’m fully vaccinated and just took my first trip out of state in 15 months. It’s not that fun.

    1. I’m vaccinated but I’m not going to eat in a restaurant. Crowded stores now give me the creeps.

  2. We don’t take cigarettes from people who are smoking, but we also don’t allow them to blow their filthy smoke into our faces in public places and shorten our lifespan.

    1. @Wisconsin Man That is your orbit of a smalle bubble view statistical data is over thousands of people thousands of locations that proved that there is a decrease in lifespan. Again science statistical data all are highly important over your little neighbourhood orbit view.

    2. @Chris Rafalko There is a typical reply. So, as I said, why are there so many old people being they all grew up with smoking everywhere? Why do people 20 get lung cancer? Everyone is different for 1. 2, smoking isn’t good for you, 2nd hand smoke, not as bad as the person smoking, but neither is living in many areas of America.

    3. Thank you. You’re correct. Nobody has the right to light up in a restaurant anymore. And nobody should have the right to eat out if they haven’t been vaccinated, either. We need a green passport system, so those who refuse vaccination can easily be kept out of shared spaces.

    4. @Wisconsin Man You’re wrong. Studies have shown that second hand smoke is even more dangerous than first hand. Those studies are why smoking is now banned in most shred spaces, in most states.

    5. @Wisconsin Man while ignoring all of those that didn’t live a long life. I see Michigan man is the new Florida man.

  3. It’s true we let people make decisions about smoking for themselves, but we also require them to not smoke around us. It is the same with the masks/vaccines . It should not be okay to endanger others to accommodate your behavior.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Because of the idiots who did not listen to the mandates to begin with. Had they done so, we would be over this by now.

    2. @Wisconsin Man Other than people who are disingenuous and just looking to drive a political wedge, the overwhelming consensus for over a year has been that masks work and help to stop the spread of the virus. At this point you might as well be saying “why did they say the earth was flat, don’t go to the edge or you’ll fall off, to the earth is round, you won’t fall off?”

      Stop pretending there has been some constant back and forth about masks. For the first month the thinking was masks weren’t needed, and for the last 13 months the thinking has been masks are needed. So basically we learned more info and then adapted guidance. That’s part of how science works. Stop making it out like that’s a bad thing.

    3. @T. O. Oh really? Mask help what? Stopping the virus? Then why did boxes and still do say, WILL NOT STOP A VIRUS. How can a mask stop a virus particle that is a 1,000 times SMALLER than than the SMALLEST hole on a mask? They have went back and forth. Fauci on 60 Minutes last March, said, Mask do not stop a Virus and may do more harm to you wearing one long periods of time, like 8 hrs at work. Then it was wear mask for 2 weeks. Then 2 mask are stupid, then double masking is twice as good. Then when we get vaccinated we won’t need them, then, well you still need to social distance and wear a mask and now mask are not needed. Let me guess, you think mask help SOME right? Well 1 virus particle is all it takes. It would be like wearing a condom with 10 pin holes put in it, well it’ll help SOME, yet only 1 sperm of Millions will get a woman pregnant.

    4. @Wisconsin Man A coronavirus cannot persist in a dry environment. But, in it’s microdroplet of mucous and vapor, it can persist long enough to infect others. Masks might not stop an isolated virion, but will stop those microdroplets. Stop being purposely obtuse.

    5. @Wisconsin Man There are many studies available to you that show that mask use has a strong correlation to decreased Covid spread. The overwhelming consensus of medical experts and scientists is that masks help to stop the spread of the virus. But sure, I’ll go with the opinion of some rando with a 10th grade education, an Internet connection for looking up QAnon propaganda, and a serious case of Dunning-Kruger effect for my infectious disease information instead of relying on the experts.

  4. I wouldn’t call myself a anti vaccine person but I wasn’t planned on getting the vaccine at first. Once my area started giving out the vaccine like candy I knew passports would be a thing. So I got a shot just to avoid the reality of what’s coming.

    If you’re like me and you just want to avoid passports just get the shot. Being stubborn won’t help you.

    1. As someone who is dying for a vaccine but came from a country who has yet to offer vaccine for my age group, and also only has vaccines that I felt inferior to the one offered in US… I’m glad you decided to take the vaccine.

      The sooner everyone take their vaccines, the sooner we all suppress this pandemic into an endemic… And hopefully also slows down the rate this virus is mutating.

  5. Its adorably naive how Joe thinks that enough people will obey social distancing/mask guidelines to make it safe to fully reopen the country. See you this Fall, America!

  6. We reopen completely when herd immunity through vaccination is established. I’m all for a vaccination passport.

    1. Same here–people lie and are selfish.

      We have a driver’s license–a vaccine passport needs to be uniform around the globe (esp. in the USA); and also be tamper-proof.

  7. The same way that in Europe you can’t smoke in a restaurant so they can do with the vaccine in America, no vaccine no restaurants, if you want to compare it with smoking…

  8. We don’t take cigarettes from people mouths, but you can stop them from smoking at your restaurant table… That’s not a good comparison to do.

  9. I’m fully vaccinated. But until the CDC says the U.S. has reached herd immunity, I’ll continue to wear a mask in public buildings and crowded venues. Through the years, I’ve seen many people wearing masks in public; I just figured they required one for medical reasons. But it’s a free country, so the reason people wear a mask is really none of my business.

  10. I had zero problem doing my civic duty and have happily and gratefully been vaccinated.
    I call bull$hit on asking people to verify they’ve had theirs.
    NO WAY.
    What’s next, real life Hunger Games?

  11. 2/3 of the country is safe I/3 has shots 1/3 have had the virus and you can’t ask a person if they have been vaccinated hippa laws

  12. The covid vaccine only last 90 to 120 days depending on how your body processes cells. The biggest question of all that now asks.

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