Dr. Vin Gupta’s Message To Young People: ‘You Are Not Immune’ To Covid-19 | Deadline | MSNBC

Dr. Vin Gupta’s Message To Young People: ‘You Are Not Immune’ To Covid-19 | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Vaccinated people can travel in the US freely without tests or quarantines…ONLY IF…you have your Vaccine Passport on you. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. @Doug Ohaver What about. What about. What about. Backtracking I see. Christian is making a valid point. Those central americans,whom many have covid,should not be allowed to enter this country illegaly . What happaned to stop the spread?

    2. @ christian153 There is no evidence to suggest Biden’s policies caused a crisis at the border. The current increase fits a pattern of seasonal change in undocumented immigration with a back log of demand because of 2020’s Coronavirus border closure. Migrants are continuing to enter at numbers as 2019 in addition to the people who have come in the fiscal year 2020 but for the pandemic. This suggests that Title 42 expulsions only delayed migrants, it didn’t deter them. Also, it’s not the Biden’s administration’s policy that allows unaccompanied minors to request legal protection at the border. That is The American Asylum codified into law by Congress in the Refugee act of 1980.

  2. This guy obviously knows nothing about psychology. He should be telling young people to please stop wearing masks and do not get the vaccines whatever you do.
    If he used language like that I guarantee you that at least 75% of those that he said it to would start wearing masks and getting the vaccine. 🤣🤣🤣 For all of you who find this comment offensive I am definitely begging you to please don’t think about purple giraffes.

  3. Wow thanks to Donald Trump putting in the funds in to the people who could create the vaccine. Biden is in bed most times , No one depends on him to dispense the necessary .

    1. @glenn yarzagaray
      Do you know how disgusting, shallow, and out of touch the liberals are ?!

  4. Let’s get everyone *over* 50 vaccinated, *before* vaccination is opened up for those over 30. Vaccinate those most at risk first.

    1. @JasonDrvmz then obviously you have no empathy towards anyone except yourself so why are you even bothering to waste your time by commenting on somebody else’s Post in a negative way? Go out on a Friday night like tonight with your other maskless friends and only think of yourself and stop being a troll.

    2. @JasonDrvmz by the way I am so impressed that you joined YouTube 10 years ago and you have all of four subscribers 🤯🤯

    3. @Doug Ohaver why would I care about subscribers when I signed up for YouTube to watch content? Stick to the topic millennial. Nobody that’s making money cares about what you think liberal…

    4. @Doug Ohaver why would I care about other people if they aren’t directly related to me or offer any benefit to me being associated with them? You are on your own and society owes NOTHING to you and your kind. Enjoy the decline 👍🏾🖕🏾

    5. @JasonDrvmz watch what you want and stop commenting because obviously you only think of yourself. Better yet go down to South Florida and hook up with two brothers named the Koch brothers that believe with all their money they have the right to live in mansions that encompass as much as 20,000 square feet for one person simply so that they can go out and buy a single bottle of wine for as much as $100,000 and think they are actually doing something for humanity. Have a great life and I hope eventually you’ll learn to diversify and become more broad-minded as far as helping others rather than being so narrow-minded that you only think of yourself.

  5. Living in a liberal state vs Red state is like the difference between heaven and earth.. can’t wait for the red states to secede the union

    1. @KCs Funhouse Exactly. That’s what makes it so funny that they always want to think that their side is completely right and it’s clearly the conservatives that make everything worse.
      How many comments I read that are constantly saying things that have zero self-awareness

    2. the poorly run welfare blue states need as many bailouts as possible from Colostomy Bag Joe. because he and his party are the ones who’re inept at ANYTHING they do.

    3. @Gage King
      We have businesses in NY and SC.. We just got to SC after a long stay in NY ( bc of the Covid and stupid Cuomo’s rules) and I can tell you that it’s as if we are visiting America after living in a 3rd world country..
      I swear in my children’s life that I’m not exaggerating!

    4. @Gage King Geez since Trump is not in power anymore its so quiet (if you don’t listen to crazy rep (Gop ,Doj and congress man) or fox not news medias…. I’m not from the U-S , but Trump noises was polluting. Smile Biden is fixing the mess Trump left behind and maybe your mother and other relatives, if there still alive may make it a few more years…and maybe people will have foods on the table for there kids.. where ever Trump was and with who ever he was talking it was non sense…and what a nice silent when we go on twitter…

    5. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין Oh, it’s nice that you are enjoying the new area. Hope it stays that way but america as a whole is getting crazy

  6. One day those liberals who voted for a demented joe will live in shame.. or maybe not bc shallow Narcissit won’t admit it

    1. @toneisha johnson here you go.. Saquisha is talking! How is momma Leshiqueka , did she pay her section 8 rent yet ?

  7. More fear mongering 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🖕🏾…. Nope👎🏾, not getting it👎🏾… Sorry but I’m not a sheep 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Thank you President Biden/Vice President Harris Dr.Faucci and your entire team. What a difference a Democratic Administration Democratic Senate and Congress nakes. ❤

    1. Thank you Shaniqua for your post.. make sure that momma Saquisha get her food stamps and pay her late section 8 rent

  9. I’ve never been so happy that my kids love me in my life!! My 19 and 20 year olds are both registered and waiting on their vaccines,! Being immune compromised I was worried but thankfully they’re still taking things seriously… even though one missed their HS graduation and everything

    1. Same for me Lupus and lungs fibroses with some other little illness with it and not been vaccine yet. They are at the 75 years old and i hope i will be in the next round with my problem seven if its not my age group but hubby is 71. I did not see my children and grand kids since December 2020. One is a teacher and one a nurse so they are scared to bring it to me so i hope i see the light at the end of the tunnel soon and when i get in the light i will still be on this earth alive….Best luck to you and family..:)

  10. There is the UK virus variant that just got in Edmundston in N-B Canada and in a week there is 117 people affected and 10 in hospital and 5 in intensive’s care unite. Don’t seem a lots but when its a very small town and in two day 20 people and its just started at most 2 weeks ago….now in and elderly home again…they are in red faze just allowed to see people in there own house and not allowed to get out of the zone they are in….its really going up in younger people hospitalizations in all over Canada.

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