Dr. Vipond: 'Zero protection' for kids in Alberta 1

Dr. Vipond: ‘Zero protection’ for kids in Alberta


ER physician Dr. Joe Vipond says 'it seems intentional' that the province did not implement more protections for children in schools.

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    1. And he got a MD.

      He can donate for anyone he wants, that’s his prerogative. He is there only as an expert in healthcare, not as a partizan hack.

    2. @Therrydicule And once he waves his MD around to influence provincial politics, then his workplace becomes a valid target for protest

    1. @Tera Nelson _they can have long-term effects on the heart and lungs even in children, i am unaware of any illness that we dont vacinate against that would do this,_

      You do know that plain old influenza and pneumonia can do exactly that, don’t you?

    2. @kathy smith you’re a science denier. Stop denying the centuries old understood science of herd immunity which EVERY SCIENTIST ON THE PLANET would have agreed with in the summer of 2019.

    3. On one hand, you are not concerned about the low risk of COVID-19 for kids but on the other hand, you find that the rare adverse reaction to vaccines to be a bridge too far.

  1. This guy is a habitual whiner. He has been on the news more than he is treating patients. He says two or three weeks, yeah right.

  2. Give parents the power back so they can make choices for their kids. Those children their parents children not the governments or the health systems.

  3. Look up how they wiped out COVID in Uttar Pradesh , the reasons this is not a worldwide lead story is a crime against humanity

    1. This “Doctor ” and question that he is actually a doctor?? As the information he is sharing is not accurate.

    1. Death is not the only consequence of COVID-19. EDMONTON — Josh Archibald’s season has been derailed by, you guessed it, a bout with COVID-19.

      After undergoing a battery of tests over the past week, the Edmonton Oilers forward was found by doctors to have COVID-19 antibodies and the heart condition myocarditis. Doctors believe Archibald, 28, contracted COVID-19 sometime this summer, between leaving the Oilers after their Round 1 playoff exit and the point in which he tested negative upon returning to Edmonton in the fall.

  4. I’d like to know what test your using to determine covid virus and a cold??? Thr pcr test can not tell difference between covid and a flu

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