Dr. Williams on whether Canadians will need a booster shot | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Dr. Williams on whether Canadians will need a booster shot | COVID-19 in Canada


Dr. David Williams was asked if Canadians would need to get an additional booster shot to provide protection against COVID-19.

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  1. I needed to mention the word waning instead of dropping because I want you to think I’m smart.

  2. We must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has shown how much they can be trusted with such powers. this law must be repealed in order to end this once and for all…….

    1. Amen!!! So where do we start and are their any Politicians who also say this? We must end this NOW!!!

    1. Booster could be 3 or even 4 times a year – they really have zero clue as this is an experiment and they have no data to glean that knowledge from.

    1. And science deniers keep making up excuses! Obviously they are being reactive. We were hit by an unknown virus and it keeps adapting. Until the rest of the world gets immunized, new variants could emerge, nothing new about that.

    2. No, it’s called learning. It is how science is done. You collect data, evaluate and adjust thinking and behaviour accordingly. If someone told you they knew exactly how COVID would evolve, how vaccines would work and never changed their thinking, they were not basing that on science.

  3. I never seen so much split personality these days on television one day there telling you it’s safe go enjoy life next day they tell you most of the vaccines failed major testing but were approving it anyway?

    1. No one is making decisions in Canada aside from powers higher above our federal government. They’re all puppets

  4. Again, sitting breathing in a mask, then talking/spitting without a mask. We continue The COVID Theatre.

    1. No different than going to a restaurant taking it off to eat and then putting it back on. You sure are stupid.

  5. I’ve said quite a while ago that this is exactly what their going to do. And that is to keep increasing the doses.

  6. Scratching his hand like Dr Claw with his cat. Thats a give away he’ nervous about saying what he says.

  7. Of course you will need a booster, how else The drugs companies make more money boost those stock prices….

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