Dr. Zeke Emanuel: Forged Vaccine Cards Are 'A Serious Threat' | MSNBC 1

Dr. Zeke Emanuel: Forged Vaccine Cards Are ‘A Serious Threat’ | MSNBC


Dr. Zeke Emanuel weighs in on new reporting from NBC News that pro-Trump corners of the internet have become hubs for people to share advice on forging vaccination cards. Dr. Emanuel tells Andrea Mitchell that they're a "serious threat" and that he thinks it's "inevitable that we will be certifying whether people have been vaccinated or not."
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    1. That would be fine if they all die off, but they are killing everyone else, too.

  1. Keep wearing those masks folks. There are barefaced liars out there spreading newer and more improved variants.

  2. Make it so that anyone caught using a fake vaccination card is fined a minimum of $25,000 fine for forging a government document

    1. @No Show Joe Children in every state are required to have vaccinations to go to school. Vaccinations are required to go to many places overseas, many jobs require vaccinations. It’s a health requirement for the public good, like speed limits, not being able to yell fire in a theater. Your rights end where mine begin, and that includes spreading deadly diseases.

    2. @Robert Dickerson • No one can be charged with forging a government document for a forged vaccine card because the card is mot a government document. Federal government documents need to be authorized by law and sometimes regulation.

      I suppose states that are heavily dependent on tourism might come up with their own “official” card and verify the vaccination with the pharmaceutical company.

    3. @Easy Money My rights don’t end on your fear. If you truly believe that, don’t drive your car anymore. You “might” get in an accident.

    1. I brought my US passport as ID, and they just gave me a little card. I wish they’d stamped my passport.

  3. Anti science and anti progress folks are showing us their ethics and their beliefs again. Unfortunately misled by conspiracy theorists by the likes of GOP and fox.

    1. The fact that this crowd is loudly and proudly supported by evangelicals should tell everyone to stay away from any “Christian” church.

    2. @Mainely i don’t personally feel that Religion is the problem within the evangelical maga group. It’s misinformation. You live in the reality your mind tells itself. Religion didn’t cause the effects of January 6th 2021, misinformation (the big lie) did.

    3. These anti-vaxxers aren’t being misled. Their reasons for declining vaccinations are politically driven. This is a choice. And, it’s infinitely easier, from an intellectual standpoint, to buy into conspiracy theories that, by their nature, reject the notion that they should be subject to examination, scrutiny and proof. If you don’t think republican voters have devolved into a cult, consider that Trump lied about the existence and lethality of the virus for a full year, then pushed to the head of the line to make sure he was vaccinated.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas I’ve spent 2 years with Maga voters. They were misled by a president that spread the big lie. That misled them about drinking bleach to cure covid (jeez). I feel majority of the Evangelical maga party who are hard-core maga still, who unfortunately hold Trump up to a God like stature, believe him when he on countless occasions said the election was stolen. Also believed covid was started in a lab by Obama. It’s Ludacris the amount of misinformation that was planted for months. We then saw the fruit of planned misinformation bear us the events of January 6th 2021.

  4. The CDC card I received, upon getting both vaccinations, could easily be forged. Somewhere, there should be a record of my vaccination. I would appreciate getting something, that cannot be forged, to prove I’ve been fully vaccinated.

  5. If our vaccines work than what is the problem? Don’t make decisions for other people. What he thinks doesn’t matter.

  6. OOOH his credentials scream something
    ………… but truth and validity ??? The sound is so thick it smells like ( not teen spirit )……

  7. Anyone using forged documents is committing fraud. Anyone threatening peoples lives by possibly spreading a dangerous virus should be charged with Reckless Endangerment, and lose their “freedom”.

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