Dr. Zeke Emanuel Says Virus Deaths Could ‘Reliably’ Double By Year’s End | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Decades of “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”
      But “wear a mask” to help save lives and all the idiots scream, “but muh freedumb!!” 🤪

    2. @MJB For Trump They said *in the South* . The overall numbers are level because the States that acted responsibly are showing a decrease in deaths. States that pushed the ‘open early/muh freedumbs!’ narrative(primarily Red-states) are seeing the aforementioned spikes. How about you address what was actually said and not strawman?

    3. @Scurra WRONG! Look at Texas, they have an increase of new daily cases, yes but a DECREASE in deaths. That was my point! Did you hear MUH-Cooper, MUH FAKE NEWS say that?? Look at the data yourself and stop drinking the BS from CNN and MSNBC!!

  1. Why can’t Trump just shut up. Those who don’t listen to the scientists in this administration I won’t pitty their demise when the grim reaper comes calling.

    1. @Doug Lowe keep them crossed forever it aint ganna matter trump is amazing him and jfk jr both and they are as healthy and strong as an ox


  2. Looking to t’rump for reliable information and guidance is like me asking a gambling addict for long-term investment advice.

    1. And looking for reliable information is like asking pre-teens for long term advice. No police will equal Lord of the Flies.

    2. @The Ropes of Renovation Ain’t no one saying “no police.” Try to pay attention, if you can. 😄

    3. @The Ropes of Renovation No one said no police….the say defund, which means police officers wearing less hats.

      Police don’t need to be at every emergency instance….such as a medical situation unless there is violence.

  3. You know why they already been inoculated don’t think they ain’t got no cure or no vaccine for this they got it only the elite

  4. Did the Feds put Dr Fauci and Dr Brix in ‘Witness Protection’? Where are they during this escalating COVID pandemic?

    1. Trump forced them to remain silent so as not to contradict what he has said. Trump is afraid of the truth.

    2. apauls Drs. Fauci and Berx are in the Trump witness protection program. Out of sight, out of mind, or so they think.

    3. 6 16 20 Hey@apauls, To drump, there’s no pandemic. I’ve read articles & Dr. Fauci has been making the rounds & doing interviews. The pandemic task force hasn’t met in approximately 3 weeks. Hope that may help. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

  5. Of course retail sales went up. Almost no one went shopping for nearly three months. Everyone needed new underwear and a new pair of shoes.

    1. This is nothing… watch for all the junk math that will “prove” how amazingly jobs are rebounding.

  6. No, the virus deaths will double by the end of the summer and are on track to do so with the increases of cases in most states and little to no social distancing…

  7. “it will be gone by April….We only have 11 cases and they are all getting better.”-Donald “American failure” Trump, February 11th, 2020

  8. “Which country has the worlds best health care”??.. Um, definitely not the US – End of book.

    1. @The Ropes of Renovation Ever been to Italy or France? Or the other 32 countries with actual healthcare? Health Care is not about getting sick and going to the ER. Its about nutrition form a young age and not destroying peoples lives with astronomical medical bills.

    2. @PC PAYLOAD Our healthcare is very, very good. Health insurance not so much. We’ve been taught nutrition from a young age. How did you miss that? Do they not teach that anymore? When I had a child, I was taught about nutrition for my baby. Poor people know what is nutritious. Sometimes they can’t afford a lot of nutritious food OR they sell the food stamps for other things. Dunno.

      As a nurse, I’ve gone over and over good nutrition for diabetics and those with heart disease. They know what to do and sometimes they just ignore it as is their right to do.

  9. Donald J. Trump – Holding a rally in a state where cases are spiking, and asking attendees to sign a waiver that they won’t hold him liable if they get Covid-19. What a leader.

  10. We couldn’t have a worse leader at a time like this than Trump. And he sets a HORRIBLE example.

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