1. I’m so proud of Meatball. Been watching her since Dragula. Now listening to the pod. When I saw this make national news I was
    elated with joy.

    1. didn’t he self identify as a man right at the start of the video? drag queens aren’t generally transexuals. unless by her you mean the character.

  2. The problem, George, is not that mind you having a life; it’s the amazing number of completely self-contradictory lives you claim to have had we object to.

  3. You can tell this is NOT in Florida because it’s illegal to bring your child to strip clubs to watch adults strip. Thank you Ron D!

    1. If you don’t want your kids there then don’t bring your kids, also DeSantis is destroying Florida

  4. Parents-“Hey honey how was school”
    5 year old-“Ma, can daddy dress like you and take his clothes off!”
    Kid-“I learned about it during draq Queen story hour!”

  5. but your doing Santos backwards..
    you need to come out in drag with dogs then put on the suit and sash

    1. There an honesty in being openly gay that George Santos will never have about anything in his life.

  6. Whenever I see this nonsense I think
    You can’t polish a turd
    Then I remember but you can roll it in glitter
    Words of wisdom from me dear old mother

  7. I see absolutely nothing wrong with someone that is or was a drag queen. If Santos wants to dress like a drag queen in the US Capitol, I don’t care. It should be left alone. You can say it’s about hypocrisy, but it’s not. And it will backfire on the Democrats.

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