Dream Weekend Party During Covid | TVJ News – August 6 2021


    1. This is the work of the current Jamaican government- JLP, Holness is a big sell out. Why did he/ they change the rules for about 1-2 weeks and then today again reversed the rules. Dream weekend & other big summer events, gets the green light & then local events are forbidden. As a Jamaican in the USA, I try to follow the news, but I see the big difference in how they visitors to ‘party’. Not to say that local Jamaicans are blameless, because too many, not observing the protocols that help.

  1. So how the lady preaching and Unu lock her up for not wearing mask Unu is a set of demons is the church Unu have strength for why Unu didn’t warn her too

  2. The people interviewed clearly indicate failure and leaves me with the impression that enforcement standards are not where they should be… and that they are basically afraid to or constrained not to do anything about it.
    We will see a huge spike from this event.

  3. Babylonians your time is running out have all the fun it had done because in the twentieth century David will slue golieka spiritually and physically

  4. Them hot for the church but not for the party God will soon take action too much wickedness to a gwaan

  5. If u look u see that the police is saying the good things Idk 🤷🏾‍♂️ but someone pay him to talk good lol 😂

  6. So church got shot down for less but this is allowed. Andrew say 1 thing with his mouth and do different and it’s the poor always get the worst end of the stick. This is why the people losing respect for him.

  7. This is a disgrace, and demonstration of poor leadership. Telling the general Jamaican population to abide by strict restrictions but allow this. Church can’t keep or family bury their dead properly but party can pack. Who knows if there was any curfew.

  8. But you close church and lock up pastor’s this is crazy it’s going to be a lot of people dying because some people don’t care it’s money over life god helps us

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