1. If it’s an eight year sentence the punishing ends there. Didn’t know we are pronouncing exile as deportation

    1. Under citizenship law if you’ve been convicted of a criminal offence you are not eligible for Canadian citizenship

    1. True….because each year he serves brings those that perished closer to returning home. What happened was an accident, not murder.

    2. Not an accident when a truck driver breaks the law driving over the limit of legal hours driven straight in a row. Had he been pulled over prior to the accident he would have been fined and 72 hours not allowed to drive. Murdur maybe not, but manslaughter and sickening absolutly. Also blew through 4 signs

  2. From my understanding he would not qualify for humanitarian and compassion route. He has family back in India. It’s used mostly for children who were born over seas and brought here and their parents never applied for them to get citizenship. They have no ties to their country of origin. This guy has ties and with the criminal record it is pretty much a done deal that he’s going back.

    1. When you think of Humboldt thank a trucker for working himself selfishly in to danger. Thank a trucker isn’t that we are supposed to be doing.. how many others out where driving this dangerous..

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  3. Poor guy doesn’t know how to farm on his fathers farm??? Tough Beans!!
    He doesn’t know how to drive a truck on Canadian streets either and he caused DEATH!!
    He’s not a Canadian citizen
    SHiP him out PERIOD!!!!

  4. What’s stopping him from going back to India and then immigrating to another country? Why would he spend so much time and effort trying to appeal? Who is paying for all this?

    1. Appeals are paid for by the person. He probably has an immigration lawyer working for him. The routes the lawyer are talking about are very very slim to work for his situation.

    2. @Monica Alexandra thanks. I can’t imagine wasting more of his life in Canada. He can’t drive, he must have someone supporting him with either money or maybe a job….

    3. @Special Levo I believe his wife was in school when the accident happened so she most likely is the one supporting them. The only route I see this guy getting citizenship is a grant of citizenship from the minister in charge. I highly doubt either route the lawyer spoke about would work but the lawyer makes money regardless right.

  5. for an accident he gets deported?? yet diplomatic attaches and foreign ambassador’s that have caused vehicular deaths while drunk!! get off scott free??!!

  6. When you think of Humboldt think of a selfish trucker for working himself into being dangerous. Thank a trucker.

  7. Sidhu has multiple traffic violation before the accident. It means that he constantly disregarding traffic rules.

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