1. Maybe the Russians are still mad at the farmers, for all the abandoned tanks the farmers hauled away with their tractors…

    1. @Russian Bot Russia has the best economy lol lol lol lmao as someone from the U.S. that makes me laugh hysterically

    1. if you join ukrainian army you will get paid, if you look for ukrainian embassy they probably could fund you a ticket.

  2. This Farmer is willing to keep fighting for his crops, despite the dangers. He’s a true warrior in my book.

    1. @Sakinah Hur Yeah.. when the commentator refers to NATO arming Ukrainian “Nazis”, all credibility is lost. you get these left wing malcontents a lot in the UK. Russia had their own networks across the world, it was the cold war after all with nuclear weapons pointed at each other. Personally I think the word “Nazi” is much overused these days, and dilutes what the true German Nazis stood for. Anyway, peace to you and your family, thank you for taking the trouble to post the link.

    2. @Andy P
      Not sure whether you listened to the entire program, yet, it does not matter about their political associations of left or right, but the content…

      Losing credibility over a statement about NATO supporting Nazism; which video are you referring to?

      Many times it is difficult to accept the reality of what is happening in real time…

      There are varying aspects to the Nazism ideology and basic tenets tend to be the same with just a different approach with these groups that have remained and have manifested, which is why there is the term ‘Neo-Nazism’…

      What do you mean ‘Russia had their own networks across the world’?

      We are in Cold War 2.0 with maneuvering of Military operations in the Mediterranean, Indo-Pacific, and Middle East-Gulf; trade war of weaponry and commodities while Western nations sanction the competition that has increased the prices of goods and necessities…

      Thank you for your kind appreciation…

      Take care and be true to your heart 
      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness 

    3. @Andy P
      It has been some time since I have seen the material I am sharing with you in this post…

      *By The New Atlas*

      *”US-backed Thai Agitators to Fight Alongside Nazis in Ukraine”*

      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness

    4. @Andy P
      This other video is in the same place as the others, yet, I don’t remember the exact content, but discusses Ukraine…

      *By The New Atlas*

      *”UK Newspaper Hides Ukraine Truth in Plain Sight”*

      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness

    5. @Andy P
      This other source is blocked by YouTube’s algorithmic process and it is accessed on YouTube, but sharing is not allowed…

      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness

  3. The resilience, bravery, and unity of the people in Ukraine inspire the hearts of many. This inspiration is strength. 🇺🇦💙💛🇺🇦

  4. My admiration and support only grows for Ukraines fight to preserve their daily lives and democracy, this especially touches me while I see my country’s democracy slowly being forced into darkness and autocracy by forces that are supported by our own self-entitled ignorance and apathy, at least there is someone keeping the dream of freedom alive.

    1. @Lucky Luke 😂😂😂 The UK’s queen isn’t even allowed to have a political opinion in order to not interfere with our democracy. All of her roles relating to parliament are traditional and are NEVER and can NEVER be acted upon without the will of the people. You clearly know sh#t about our democracy.

  5. The Russians have shown a real proficiency in regard to targeting apartment blocks, wheat fields, shopping malls and theaters that are clearly marked CHILDREN. Congratulations Vlady!

    1. @David C Russia today is not the Soviet Union. It having become smaller territorially does not mean it isn’t still the largest country on earth. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. I admire the farmers of Ukraine. Thank you to all farmers all over the world for doing the hard work of feeding humans, animals, and plants.

    1. @Mark M the farmer was only ripping up some soil trying to stop the fire spreading.

      Good luck buddy, I learned a long time ago to avoid lengthy conversations in utube

  7. What have western farmers been doing all these years???, exactly, and why did our farmers face so much hardship…

  8. The Ukrainian flag shows a clear blue sky over a wheat field. How evil do you have to be to try to destroy the dreams of a people like this, FFS?

  9. Russia’s entire foreign policy is now basically “Oh no. Look what you made me do. Such a pity.”

  10. This is exactly the type of behaviour why most of the international community doesn’t respect Russia anymore.

  11. Thank you for fighting to defend your country and continuing to farm despite the horrific dangers

  12. Farmers are the real hero, inspite of danger they continue just to feed their soldier and to supply food to the market, may the Lord protect them.

  13. God bless those brave Ukrainians🇺🇦
    In the end Russia will lose and in their defeat they will reap what they sow.

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