1. Absolutely fascinating. Amateur drone enthusiasts now a vital part of the war effort. Such bravery and patriotism is inspiring.

    1. @Ambotsa Imo hey are you in the Philippines? Where they speak tag a log? The Philippines are so beautiful. Many years ago I had a gorgeous friend from there and she went back home. I miss that family so much. I think Ukraine are trying their hardest to establish a close relationship with USA and Australia, Japan etc. I know they want to be very very close with the USA and other allied countries. I am sure they want a close relationship like USA has with other countries. You know it’s understood that certain countries are not to be bothered or threatened. But the Chinese building those concrete islands in the south seas, and buying off some islands to turn to communist, has made me so nervous. I am proud of some of the small islands who said they don’t want their money and refused their offer. I just pray that things calm way down internationally. This is horrible, war is horrible. And I feel so bad for the suffering and dead of Ukraine. It’s heart breaking. World War Two was horrible, we don’t want another one of those.

    2. @Filip dahlberg I was referring to why Poland decided to not send the MIGs to them they said they were gonna send. I know they said Poland would send those planes and then the US would send them F 15s to replace them and that just seemed to come apart because then after announcing they would send them, they decided not to. I don’t know if it’s because they were worried it would be seen as threatening or what because clearly they are sending them other things to help them fight the war. I understand about the no fly zone. Merci beaucoup.

  2. Ukrainians are smart, brave, and freedom loving. This is dragging, heart-breaking, but hopefully in the end Ukraine will prevail!

    1. @Hanoi Tripper You Must Imagine It’s A Crater On The Moon By Asking A Blank Question Like That,—TO WHO—??? Kiddo..

    1. Tactically the Russians did not really plan well nor did they gather intelligence or they would have known that they were not technologically prepared for this fight…they stuck their head into a Tiger’s Cage

    2. @dung nguyen You mean it wasn’t like the movies? ‘Cause I suspect that’s the only “experience” you have seeing people get shot.

    3. MY girlfriend read an article where it said that people from that part of the world could take more stress and anxiety than people from other parts of the world. Not sure if it’s a genetic thing or what. It makes sense based on the amount of trauma that area of the world has seen in the last 200 years alone. The videos of these people just walking around chillin in absolutely crazy situations makes me believe it’s true.

  3. From Vietnam, I stand with Ukrainian and everyone who defending their country from brutal invaders. Slava Ukraine!

  4. We need more footage from this man and others to help prove the lies being told and spread truth and justice for these people and their families

  5. I am a 70 year military veteran. If I didn’t have health issues I would be on a plane to join my brothers and sisters in their fight for the right to be free. Sadly the citizens of Russia have never known that freedom.

    1. same here. I have told my family if I could I would go help the Ukrainian people as well. I have look up the requirements to go but they have age limits. All I can do is send aid to Ukraine thru relief groups and will do so for as long as I am able.

    2. Thank you for your service sir. I read an article recently about predominantly young, educated Russian citizens who had left Russia. They are saddened and now ashamed of this carnage. Some are even trying to learn new languages quickly so they can assimilate into their new lives. I really feel badly for these young people who through no fault of their own will now have to start over in a new life. Prayers for them also.

    3. Without a doubt, if you were healthier you would be there. People think age is a deterrent, but just recently a very healthy 75-year-old Vietnam vet went to Ukraine and is now fighting alongside the Ukrainians. American men and women of all ages with military experience are now in Ukraine. It is absolutely amazing to see people from all parts of the world now in Ukraine helping them fight for their freedom. Even people from Belarus, Georgia and Chechnya have joined the fight against the Russians. Some of the Russian soldiers who surrendered have also indicated their interest in fighting alongside Ukrainian soldiers because of what they have seen and the lies that they were told.

  6. I feel so sad for that kid who had to witness his parents gunned down in front of him for no reason whatsoever. Also so brutally happy to see all the destroyed Russian tanks and signs of Russian casualties and defeat. They deserve shame and scorn for behaving like marauding barbarians. Keep up the work gents, history needs this sort of thing on the record.

  7. This is why you never underestimate your enemy strictly based on numbers or geographic location. Ukraine will certainly endure more pain before this is over but I’m confident that their sacrifices will play a major role in their post war recovery.

    1. @Lu Lun Well if they weren’t using their full conventional force then that would just further show how dumb they are lmao. You don’t purposely hold back for over a month in combat while you waste money, lives of men, vehicles, ruin your economy, etc. It’s not a video game with multiple levels or waves lol.

  8. Wow,so now I’m so happy all our young people played there video games as much as they did and also learned how to fly drones because now we can see that they played a very important role in this Russian invasion.thank you all for being so brave and protecting your people Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. Next time I watch a drone enthusiast video on You Tube, I am going to thank them for their service!

    2. Video games and drone piloting have a lot in common. Although good real piloting skills are nice as well when it comes to weather and understanding location and altitude. I knew people with cell phones and drones would be huge in this war. We are truly in a new age of war fare. One that Russia has not caught up to.

  9. Damn, taking a 6yr old right after seeing family shot in front of him 😢 I cannot begin to imagine being in that situation. God help them all.

  10. Amazing how such a simple technology(drones) considered child toys, makes a crucial difference turning the tides of a war. Wonder what other secret technologies we are not allowed to have and are not yet revealed to the public. Are we ready for them, considering all this? Isn’t this a lesson?

  11. It brought tears to my eyes to see that man shot, his poor family having to see that. I wish nothing but pain and anguish to the Russians who would do such a cowardly act.

    1. @Cookies-n-cream i believe an earlier story mentioned the engine stalled after the car was struck with some rounds as it was turning around.

  12. I hope there are hundreds of hours of this kind of footage. It’s distressing to watch but the world needs to know what happened. Absolutely unconscionable behavior from the Russian soldiers.

  13. They are doing a freakin’ great job! And it’s important to point out that the range of those drones is not great. So those men are risking their lives, being close to the front lines. They could be targeted by artillery or caught in an attack at any time. They are not just guys playing video games. They are real soldiers and are essential to the war effort. SLAVA UKRAYINY !!!

  14. I love how every Ukrainian is employing whatever skills they have to support the war effort, including sewing uniforms and camouflage, making Molotov cocktails, flying drones for reconnaissance and artillery coordination, cooking for soldiers and civilians, welding anti-tank barriers, refurbishing captured Russian weapons, providing medical care, and of course, taking up arms to join the military in defending their families and freedom. It is astounding and encouraging to see such unity in the face of Putin’s illegal, immoral, and unprovoked invasion. Слава Україні.

  15. I lost my parents when I was in my mid 20s. 15 years on, I’m still struggling with it. To know that this young 6 year old child lost his parents to a cowardly attack by Russian thugs and war criminals is infuriating. His life will never be the same. Now, not every Russian is a Putin supporter, but in this case the soldiers in that tank knew full well what they were doing.

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