1. Nobody said that.
      Also, these people should know about housing insurance, new extreme weather due to climate change, and such.
      What’s going on in Ukraine is man made, which is why we’re giving so much attention to it; nature is a different force to be reckoned with and the governments can’t control that, but Ukrainians have nothing to do with natural disasters. Don’t use one natural disaster as an excuse for us to do nothing about a man made disaster Putin made. We’re all humans, after all. In one case it’s controlled, and in the the other it isn’t, so how could you say that when all of these people are facing hardships.

      Some people are just too selfish for sympathy. It’s disturbing.

  1. Weather is going to get more and more extreme with climate change. It’s sad Louisiana has to face this type of natural disaster, especially now when there’s so many other man made problems with corrupt governments in other countries…. I truly sympathize for everyone struggling around the world for something out of their control.

    1. @Randy Boone People’s houses and whole lives just got destroyed by a natural disaster. Using a religion as a reason for these people’s pain is pretty evil of you. Natural disasters can happen to any nation.
      BTW, I see you’re trying to get closer to the original name, but the h is said to be fabricated in that name, to make it sound more like YAH.

    2. @Quantum G more to come New Orleans Satan get you I am calling to you.. voodoo,,, that’s what New Orleans get for treating you the way they did when I went down there. You better hope there’s not another Katrina coming to you remember those Douglas Penney’s in New Orleans it takes time.

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