1. This is silly Amazon has so much money so much power over consumers and doesn’t have great employee ethics so what do reviews fake or not really hurt them if you don’t like the item you can return it or buy the competitions item on the same platform so yeah there’s no point. Netflix isn’t going to work if you target password sharing those who buy Netflix buy it those who never were going to buy it still won’t buy it now they won’t buy merch etc from it though

  2. Taxes is what’s going on or rather UP. My home is now appraised at almost 2Xs what it was when i bought it. My mortgage payment went up over $200. Needless to say, I am bummed. Will take me longer now to save up for the changes and repairs I want/need to make.😤😠
    Netflix prices went up, that’s another reason. Paying more for the same old thing is not palatable.

    1. I’m not american, so I don’t quite understand how you have these changing mortgage payments.
      When I bought my house I was offered a deal on a 15 years loan and have the exact amount set in stone.
      Can you opt for fixed mortgage payments?

    2. It doesn’t work that way. The multiplier will go down as your value goes up. The amount that your PVA collects in taxes will be relatively unchanged based upon your volatile property value. Where the difference is huge is when you’re going from a vacant piece of land at a very low assessed lot value to a completed home.

    1. It is for a lower-priced tier, just like just about every other streaming service has right now. We have ads on our Hulu account and I know it is only $4, but I don’t mind being able to use the bathroom like in the days of yore.

  3. “Interest rates went up faster than they ever have before?”
    “People should get floating rates now, so they can refinance at a lower rate later.”
    Gross incompetence and irresponsible journalism.

    1. @Chris Hunter for potus 2024 ! lol You think this something old Joey hastwo more years to transfer the wealth! lol

    2. @Chris Very true walked the heroin path back in the sixties and have seen death many a time! lol

  4. I am on the brink of with Netflix – if I get Ads It is a shoe in to cancel… I am also tired of them canceling a series after 2 or 3 seasons…

  5. As if the geniuses that brought us “CNN+” have any right to comment on another company and their “woes” lmao.

  6. If Amazon were serious about getting rid of fake reviews, they would get rid of the Vine Program. Vine reviewers know nothing, absolutely nothing. They give 5-star reviewers to get free stuff.

  7. Corporate profit margins are at their highest point in 70 years. Corporations are trying to blame inflation on stimulus checks etc.. Meanwhile, they’re overcharging us for gas, medicine, and groceries, and pocketing the difference. It’s a racket.”

  8. It seems as if we’re seeing the seeing the land grab and Leveling the land for ‘apartments’ for us not in the club.
    Rent free for 2 years, low monthly payments or any other means. Once full, up goings the rent, much like ship money here in England in the 1600’s.
    Was it ever thus?

  9. Homes that are only worth 350000 are now being sold at a million or more in Central Texas. This is ridiculous. Most people I know around here only make 100,000 a year tops.

  10. Once Netflix eliminates account / household sharing, watch the subscription rate skyrocket again.

  11. Netflix spends way too much on original content. They should buy more blockbusters and build a better overall library. There are _so many great movies and shows_ that aren’t available anywhere anymore.

  12. It’s probably a good thing that less people own homes. Ideally it’s best eliminate home investors in single family homes.

  13. That’s interesting about the fake reviews for Amazon, it’s traditional that Amazon hires these people to make these fake reviews!

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