Drugs, Guns & Gangsters on Display in Trelawny | PNP Supporting Legal Fees for Clifton Demolition


  1. God is a God of justice and he hears the cry of the poor. Iam not agreeiing.with people taking peoples land but how can you just leave people homeless and that could not happen anywhere esle in the world have mercy Lord has only. You would that couldn’t happen any way esle in the world the courts are there to protect the people. Have mercy Lord amen

  2. 15 year old are criminals too . Are you kidding me. You Stand less chance to survive encountering a teenage criminal

  3. Jamaicans must stop allowing politicians to use them.
    Stop allowing yourself to be used by people who are rich,people who say we are for the people,and we will fight for you.
    These are only big talk nothing will happen after a year.
    Always do things the right way and don’t fall under the spell of these people.

    1. A dat mi a seh to but some a Dem Jamaicans yah love to be used 99.9 a Dem loves sweets suh Dem have to except what happen to dem

  4. They, the government, could not bother with the proper procedure because it tek too long. No different from how some citizens, don’t bother with the proper procedure, when they need to solve problems; it tek too long. The government continues to display their “role model” behavior. Just lie and bulldoze your way to what you want.

  5. All of the upscale properties and money seized by the government from the drug dealings those properties should be sold and reimburse the citizens for the houses destroyed by said government, instead of pocketing the πŸ’° fix roads and help the less fortunate.

    1. Did govt sell them the land? Just asking. If so , where’s the title? Aren’t you supposed to get a title when you purchase land? Or at least a receipt For your money.

  6. The government needs to begin using skips and front loading/lifting dump trucks. The sites can be overwhelmed and overwhelming for the collector. I think that would help considerably. The current larger garbage containers allow for easy scattering of garbage as well as scavenging animals. Still, these new trucks should help a great deal. We also need to do better with proper garbage disposal, as a people.

  7. but Joseph shoucair was formerly of Housing Corporation of Jamaica so the story that sales of lands were facilitated by him appears to be rational as it would be right up his street. there need to be some investigation as to why shoucair had to leave HAJ. Let’s start there. he’s a known jlp supporter.

  8. Never in life let politicians fight for you please fight for yourself this is another promise that will never happen

  9. We are now living in the information age. There’s nothing about desperation in wanting land but cognitive dissonance. These are people who want to go the sculdugry route in getting cheaper price lands which is informal. My problem is what about the informal settlements in the labourites zone. Aren’t they gonna be served with eviction notice as well?

  10. I am happy about the outrage by the public about how the government callously treated the home builders without due regards.

  11. I totally agree with Mr Mark Golding government is heartless then you all want to stop people from running away from their πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡² country

  12. The Government of Jamaica past and present doesn’t care about the lower class, so many Jamaicans are desperately seeking housing through the legal channels but getting no where since the NHT totally forget their mandate which is to provide housing for the lower income earners. But instead they are building some small matches boxes and selling them for 17- 20 mill and they are only lending you 6.5 mill, how do you do that math? The pm and his cabinet
    Needs to be held accountable and any other government that is formed In the future

  13. This is wickedness; these victim are sink into more poverty; what a loss; does the goverment really care. Proper housing solution is needed; Too many Jamaicans are living from hand to mouth; way below the poverty line. We need justice and a chance to live a descent life. What happen to vision 2030; the place to live work and play and raise a family. It seems to be only a dream as crime and poverty rampage our little Island.

  14. Even if these home owners were illegally building homes , it’s looks very poor on the JLP that this is happening on their watch . People will not forgive and many will not forget .
    Wonder how much crown lands belong to the King of England?

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