Early rock ‘n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis dies at 87 | USA TODAY


  1. RIP to The Killer.

    For many years I have said that I had one big wish, to get to see The Last Man Standing in concert before he died, but also knew it would be hard, since he only toured in the States and I haven’t been able to travel. So that was not to be. One huge legend has passed and he is one of the few celebs whos deaths has really touched me deeply.

    May you memory be honored Jerry Lee. 🌹

  2. When I first saw this headline, I was not sure if I believed it after the death hoax from a few days ago, but sadly, it is confirmed. Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away at 87. RIP Jerry Lee. Your music and legacy will live on forever.

  3. Jerry Lee was literal living history. A pioneer of rock and roll, he outlived all his contemporaries – Perkins, Elvis, Cash, Chuck Berry, Libby, Fats Domino, Little Richard, etc. Killer was truly the last man standing, and with him goes the last flame of a once glorious and historic blaze that changed the world.

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