East Coast Shorelines Board Up Storefronts, Homes In Preparation For Tropical Storm Henri 1

East Coast Shorelines Board Up Storefronts, Homes In Preparation For Tropical Storm Henri


Shoreline communities from New York City to Boston are boarding up storefronts and homes while parts of New York and Rhode Island are calling for voluntary evacuations in preparation for Tropical Storm Henri.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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East Coast Shorelines Board Up Storefronts, Homes In Preparation For Tropical Storm Henri


  1. Here in Brazil the sun is scourging. I will post a video about climate change. I love NYC. Greetings from Brazil

  2. I’ve lived through lots of bad storms growing up in south Florida and the best advice I can give is stay inside or go stay with relatives out of the path because the water can cause electric issues and you may think you’re safe but trouble can spring up in a flash… stay dry

  3. Everywhere, everything in this world today looks like those realities shows on t,v.
    Fires, storms, floodings,border crisis, Afghanistan chaos……..what next?

    1. @Terry Cline all I mean is that the world is in chaos everywhere you llook
      And you know most of the people say.. exactly what you said but with money on the bank, savings and that is thinking in the future not day by day.

  4. I am happy that it decreased but the flooding is still a concern and nobody wants to deal with downed power lines which kills people every year from these storms.

  5. If only Trump was around with his map and magical sharpie. He could draw an image of the hurricane going back out to sea.

  6. Have Americans every thought about putting power lines higher than trees so that trees can’t fall on them? or better yet put them underground but that’s a lot more expensive.

  7. Lived in the Hampton’s 30 years
    Unexpectedly moved to Massachusetts onset of covid.
    Glad to be here and not there

  8. Hey I’m a Jersey guy and it comes with the territory. U batten down the hatches and pull your boats out or up a canal tied off in the center. Why I left New Jersey..every August late in the month a storm would rip up the coast & summer would never return.

    1. Which is easier – replacing a window or tacking up some boards? If they’re dual-pane windows, they aren’t cheap. Probably more than a sheet of plywood, unless plywood is running around $2-300 a sheet.

  9. Well it’s trump’s fault that this hurricane is hitting new York it’s trump’s fault that there is flooding and it’s trump’s fault that the weather is being weird and if he would have nuked the hurricane this wouldn’t be happening I’m just surprised you people haven’t blamed him for it you blame him for everything else

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