Easter Mostly Canceled Lockdown in Effect | Jamaica's Crime Problem - April 1 2021 1

Easter Mostly Canceled Lockdown in Effect | Jamaica’s Crime Problem – April 1 2021


As Jamaicans prepare for the Easter weekend lockdown, the country's Chief Medical Officer says citizens should abide by the lockdown order issued.

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  1. All these lawyers that are fighting against the reform of the justice system all they’re thinking about is money…but i say woe unto y’all.

    1. Lmao might be true but there are people out there constantly complaining that nothing is done about crime and violence. Let them “fight”…unless you want to go out there an fight it yourself with your pure intentions

    1. This is for the prime minister and also Dr tufton, why do you all allowed medical persons who have contact with sick patients to wear their uniforms outside in public space then go the ward to sick patients, they are the ones who help spread the virus, they are one of the super carrier, please do some thing about it not hygiene at all

    1. @bradley bell only people get any form of help when lock down is working people that pay taxes…try figured out what happens to people who was working “under the table”(cash jobs)..and those that live in foreign illegally

    2. @Jennevel Foster Not everyone in foreign get money during lock down. No badda tink seh tings always betta a farin. Is a place wid sinful humans just like those in Jamaica. One love mi sista

    3. Montreal is also partial lockdown and curfew, all I can say is wear a mask and try to stay safe, follow the rules please.

    4. Canada economy is much different from Jamaica,wen first world countries can aid their Citizens so that they can afford staying in Jamaican government will not do that if they can,80%of Jamaican people afto to hustle even Police which is government workers afto hustle too due to how they’ve been paid.

  2. Jah is real peace hw ur my black kings n queens can u tel the Jamaica government to check al the food they import need to b test for Corona bfor sellin to the black kings n queens of Jamaica

  3. So if we are strick lock down as the government says, why is airplane and tourist still coming in to the country?

    1. Cause only the big hotel making all that money weh have beach pool and entertainment on there property

    2. If you really look at it you do have a good point third world countries do not have enough government help like the United States and that’s the sad thing about living in a third world country I will be too scared to come over there now on vacation knowing that I might can’t get back out

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m from Brazil and I was on the cust to visit Jamaica but of course, it’s not the right moment. So I’m gonna do that in 2023.

  4. If we have to be on lockdown for approximately 3 days, shouldn’t flights to Jamaica be canceled till next week?

  5. Uno already creating crowd to shop for lock down its not going to stop the spread you doing a good job creating more cases

    1. So truth, you go in the rush to shop catch carona then lock down with your family so that the whole household catch it

  6. What about the people who are unemployed and hungry? What provision had been made for them?

  7. Everyday I am listening and just hoping I would hear something that lets me feel like the government is doing something to change the crime rate still listening

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