Ebola Emergency – Your Help Urgently Needed 1

Ebola Emergency – Your Help Urgently Needed


Dear Fred,

An epidemic wave of deadly Ebola virus – the worst in history – has devastated Guinea and is now sweeping through Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal and Nigeria. So far nearly 5,000 people have been infected and the death toll is at least 2,500.

No cure has yet been found for Ebola. This invisible virus spreads rapidly through contact with bodily fluids. Up to 50 percent of those infected do not survive. Prevention, early detection and rehydration are central to fighting this outbreak and to saving lives.

Local healthcare workers have been overwhelmed. And the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international public health emergency. Unless this outbreak is contained, thousands more lives will be lost.

As I write, Humanitarian Coalition members are on the ground doing all they can to save lives. They are broadcasting prevention advice over the radio, undertaking large scale public health promotion efforts, setting up hand-washing stations, distributing hygiene kits, training health workers, and giving direct support to families affected by the disease.

You have responded generously in past emergencies – and I thank you for your critical support. I’m sure you will understand that this is a race against time and we need your help more than ever.

Please act now to help us stop the spread of this merciless disease.

With hope and appreciation,

Nicolas Moyer

Executive Director

Humanitarian Coalition

P.S. With help from past supporters such as yourself, thousands more lives can be saved.

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