Economic Shockwave Hits As Coronavirus Warnings Come To Pass | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. If it really was the same shirt, she may have chosen to wear it on purpose or it was coincidence. If it was the same shirt and she never changed it, it would be nothing but rags with fraying on the edges with plenty of stains. It looked clean and fresh so if it was the same shirt she did change it and wore it again as people do wear shirts again… maybe not the OP, maybe he wears a shirt once and throws it away. Or he is a complete imbecile… an imbecile would also wear a shirt once and throw away… so imbecile?

    2. That is intentional. She is a journalist. You’re supposed to listen to her words, not critique her wardrobe.

    3. Manda Ignore these trolls. They can’t argue against anything she is saying. So they make a dumb comment like this. So people will waste their time and energy fighting with them about this instead about the disaster the US government response has been to this pandemic.

      Had they instituted the lockdowns two weeks before they would have saved 54,000 lives. That’s 50% of the people who died.

      They reopened in multiple states when realizing they have to pay billions in unemployment so they decided to reopen the economy. Even in Saudi Arabia, they haven’t reopened most of their economy.

      The Saudis have 22 million people and have 0.45% infection rate versus the whole population which is 100,000 infected versus 22 million while in the US we have 0.606% which is 2,000,000 infected versus 330 million people. Our rates are higher than the people who still cut off hands for stealing. I am using Saudi Arabia as an example because it seems even those Stone Age religious fundamentalists are taking this virus more seriously than the enlightened leaders of our country.

    4. @MassageTeam this is the shirt comment section. You got plenty of comments to read on politics.

    1. @Hat Bpto this is true.
      Video games are now also writing of technology that appears only a few short years later as well.
      Unfortunately or technology is expanding more rapidly than ever before, while our intelligence and character is devolving at that same incredible rate.
      Techs going forward, WE’RE going backwards. 8(

    1. Just look to the Southern Hemisphere & we’ll show you again 🙂 NZ is back to normal now, Australia’s back to 10,000 people allowed at footy games & new easing of restrictions daily as the last of the virus is cleared. You should have been in the same position & would have been with competent management!

  1. It’s OK….
    The top 1% who had massive tax cuts will hand it all back to help out the rest of us. I hear betsy devos may sell one of her 10 yachts.

    Yeah right.

    1. @Laura R Barrow Yeshua has always walked the earth in over 1.4 million reincarnations. I am Buddha, I am David, I am Moses, I am Cyrus, I am Enoch, Jesus, Muhammad, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Isaac Newton God despises the evil human race, you will pay for your insolence forever in about 8 years.

    2. Pat Boardman

      Fool. Learn to think critically instead of believing things for which there is NO EVIDENCE!

    3. @Judy Ives “The Nature of Energy” Quantum Theory maintains: *[m=E/c² where E=∞=God]*
      (Note: Outside variables such as the Dirac Antimatter equation would consider this equivalency first in the order of operations. Matter is finite with infinite potential to balance out to zero in the particle-antiparticle annihilation process.) Energy equals infinity equals God, the matrix of all matter and the Creator of all units of consciousness.
      YOU are the fool who will be tormented throughout eternity in Hades, where your soul will experience your worst fears forever, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    4. @Pat Boardman Thank you for the doomsday report. Keep it in your pants and make sure that soul is extra shiny. Stay well, be well.

  2. Hello.

    I do not wish to see the Soviet collapse American edition this next go around.

    Good luck.

    1. Hello.

      You outwardly miss the context.
      Inside you know.
      Donald John is the Soviet. Assets and all. An infiltration cultivated so far back I saw it a decade off.
      The catalyst is the supreme confidence of those in (power) to always assume such a chess move cannot be constructed.
      When all is exhausted, it’s the obvious. That’s condensed for consumption.
      Guess what else consumes? And how much further back it was constructed…

    2. @Joshua mowdy does it go back as far as that stupid bird video you posted? its sorta hard to hear you alll the way over there in your gated community. good luck

    3. @Benny Bees yeah hes cute. true patriot that wants to see the U.S. burn then run around crying and asking for help.

  3. Laurie Garrett, the only voice of reason and alert.Wish more people in power will listen to her

    1. @Dee Pattison It’s called half-truthes, she never mentions that over 90% of coronavirus deaths are from less than 1% of the population, aka: the weak, elderly, bed-bound cripples who would die from any other pathetic disease.

    2. @Eddie C so your point is that it’s ok for 100,000+ to die cos they were old and weak?
      Cool, thanks for clarifying.
      What about the other 10% of deaths?
      The 10,000+ that weren’t “elderly and weak”?

    3. @DFR666 For Eddie, the fact that black Americans are overrepresented in Covid 45 deaths is a feature, not a bug.
      Notice how the Trump supported anti lockdown protests started _after_ the racial disparity was known.

  4. Oh China is backwards, oh its Draconian….. Karma is a B….. how have we still not learned to not point fingers at others when it can happen to us….

  5. Actually Italy is predicted around -9% of GDP and it’s the worst hit in the EU, second in Europe after the UK, which I recall to be -14%.

  6. Last November, there was a news story that said … “The stock market went way up this month. It hasn’t gone up this much since 1928.”
    So.. Does anyone remember what happened after that.?

    1. The market will go up and down. I lost a lot of money in the market at the very end of 2007.

  7. Laurie Garrett… like Rachel Maddow, is another intelligent woman… and now it’s time to put an intelligent woman in the Whitehouse!

  8. Boy, isn’t it great that all those millionaires and billionaires got their tax break before this happened?

  9. Didn’t you hear what was coming back in October when the CDC did a Corona virus simulation called Event 201 ?????

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